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How do you choose the right Hotel Reservation System Software?

Picking a hotel reservation software for your hotel is no small feat – especially in today’s digital era where there are dozens of various service providers are scrambling to attract buyers.

While the onset of cloud computing has indeed made it easier for even small hotels to adopt technology, things can get very confusing.

However, by keeping the right factors in mind you can make the process a lot less troublesome.
Let’s go over some of the key points to remember while looking for an online hotel reservation system

  1. 1.Simple, unrestricted evaluation process:

At the end of the day, a reservation system for hotels is still a software – and like any software, it might involve a learning to curve to get used to the system. As a result, many developers are uncomfortable with the idea of allowing anyone to access their platform – even for the trial period – because of the underlying fear that they might find the system too complex. While this is understandable, a reliable service provider will usually allow unrestricted access to their trial. This testifies to their own confidence in the system!

  1. 2.A complete hotel reservation software:

A number of hotel management platforms in the market today don’t really provide a complete system – most of them offer all the module as independent add-ons that need to be purchased separately.

For instance, the basic price may only include the frontdesk module while the housekeeping, POS and other modules may have their own pricing. If you hotel is looking for a comprehensive system, make sure that the reservation software you’re looking at covers all your bases.

  1. 3.Hidden costs or long-term commitments:

Since the churn rate for SaaS companies can run quite high, developers may insist on committing to annual deals – some may not even offer monthly plans. This is a major risk as there’s always a possibility that after using the system you may feel that it’s not perfectly suited to your needs. In such a scenario, forcing yourself to continue with such a property management system may actually be detrimental to your hotel and drag productivity down. Also make sure that there are no hidden costs associated with system such as cancellation fees or unexplained service charges.

  1. 4.Support and regional presence:

While the cloud has enabled independent hoteliers to adopt technology being hosted in off-shore servers, it’s important to consider their local presence or at the very least, 24 hour support. Being in the hotel industry, you can never make your guests wait and running into a problem requires an instant fix. There will be no system that’s perfect – it’s inevitable that a misunderstanding is bound to arise at some point, and having a local reseller can be invaluable if you ever need help.

Remember that it takes time to reap the rewards of a good hotel reservation software – you can’t expect overnight results. But the very process of building a solid hotel brand is akin to rearing a prize horse, it takes constant dedication to get to the finish line. Similarly, the long-term rewards of investing in the right system are well worth the wait!

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