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Tips for attracting business travellers to your hotel

Hotel industry is extremely dynamic and every guest has unique needs. Business travelers are an important market segment for hotel owners as they are frequently jet-setting all across the globe for work. And this is the reason which makes them a highly reliable market segment.

Their requirements are also different when compared to leisure and adventure travellers. Here are a few of the tips to attract business travellers to your hotel.

  • Location of the hotel

More than anything else, the business traveller looks for ‘convenience’. Due to jet lag, they look for a property that is close by from the conference room he needs to be at for an early meeting.

They certainly do not want to spend additional time with long commutes when they’ve already flown in from some other place.

  • Relevant amenities

While location is the most important factor in hosting business travellers, it is not the only one. If you are a hotelier, try to make your guest’s experience the least stressful. Lacking any of the basic facility for a corporate traveller would only dampen your property’s name and create an additional hurdle to booking a stay with you in future. Most of these travellers want something beyond just a standard hotel. Facilities such as free WiFi, a coffeemaker, a washer together with simple check-in and check out will only make their stay easy.

  • Create a loyalty program

Business travellers usually look for loyalty programs that provide them with rewards. Some of the reward programs can be to collect points to earn free rooms, free upgrades, or luxury amenities during their stay. Such programs work particularly well for large hotel brands that have locations in metropolitan areas around the globe.

  • Flexible check-in and check-out timings

Hotels globally are becoming more flexible with regard to check-in and check-out timings and provide more of service personalization during their stay. While some hotels charge an extra fee for this request, some offer it to loyalty members without charging any extra free. Flexible check in and check out timings is relevant to business travellers.

  • Business space that is well-equipped

Keep a track of the needs of your guests (corporate travellers) in terms of business facilities they are looking for (that can be a well-equipped business center, conference conclave and so on). It is also advisable to invest in some new hardware if you want to increase your corporate clientele. Always remember, you are targeting a set of guests for whom time-saving technology and services are most crucial.… to cloud pms" />

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