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4 trends that are transforming the hotel industry

Technology is something that influences and supports the growth of practically every industry in the present age. Hotel industry is no different.

Hotel properties of different type and sizes, are working overtime to optimize the power of modern technology, to boost their room sales and improve customer engagement.

Our top tech trends that will drive your hotel industry’s sales and customer satisfaction goals. Personalization:

Needless to say, that this is the foundation of hotel industry. An industry whose entire service revolves around impressing the guest with that extra bottle of wine or sea-view room or great room service cannot afford to undermine technology that helps them match all their guest expectations.

In an overtly competitive hotel industry, hoteliers are trying their hands at everything to create a great stay experience, setting the bar really high for other hoteliers.

It makes sense that you invest in a hotel software that helps you record guest information and retains the same in the system. Next time, the guest returns you can ensure his stay corresponds with his taste and preferences.


Hotel industry means a wide array of services – Rooms, Frontdesk, Housekeeping, F&B, Spa, Travel Desk and so much more. Bigger the hotel, greater the requirement for a centralized robust hotel software.

Practically speaking, most hotel software will fulfil only part of requirements, say your Frontdesk, Housekeeping requirements but fall short of POS modalities. In such scenarios, its best to go with a system that integrates seamlessly with additional hardware or software products and provides you real time results.

If you are involves with hotel industry, time is invaluable and these integrations will go a long way in time management.

Smartphones and App:

The proliferation of smartphones goes to show that it was a matter of time before hotel industry fell prey to its charms. You can be sitting in remote areas of Rwanda or prime properties of NYC, a smartphone is imperative.

Guests these days are dependent on smartphone to plan their travel, stay and everything that falls in between. A couple of apps by or TripAdvisor and you are sorted.

You can customize results, choose rooms to your liking, filter according to your budget and more. Hotels these days are coming out with Apps that will helps guest check in, check out and make future reservations without any manual intervention.

Taking a leaf out of this, software solution providers are also developing and launching Apps that allow hoteliers run their hotel completely on mobile App. Imagine running an entire hotel is literally at your fingertips.

There is no denying that technology has taken over our lives, for a better and stronger future.


Hotels in the US and Europe have embraced the cloud technology. Their immense popularity in these regions show that it is a good thing for the hospitality industry.

These cloud systems are easily replacing legacy systems and in so many cases, the entire IT department. Hotel industry has spread its wings since requirement in terms of development and operations is limited now.

A cloud system can do the job for you. Hotels no longer see the point of developing their own hotel software.

A cloud based PMS solution is a stronger, simple and easy to use replacement of legacy systems. No wonder hotel industry believes cloud is the solution of today and tomorrow.…OUD BASED PMS" />

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