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Your checklist for the best hotel management system for independent property

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For a hospitality business to run seamlessly, they require an extremely efficient hotel management system. The right management system ensures whether the daily operations of a hotel run smoothly or not. The main mistake many properties make though is not only in finding the best system, but also ensuring that the system is used to its full potential.

An independent hotel cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to managing their hotel, they need to work on a system where their staff can multi task with the aid of a good system so that they can maximize profitability for the hotel. They need to ensure that the they system is being used in the best possible way so that it works completely to the property’s advantage.

How to ensure that the Hotel Management system is working in the best possible way for your independent property?

Keep updating the hotel’s website: As we all know, bookings made directly via the hotel’s website creates the maximum profitability for the hotel. This is the best marketing tool any property can have, but the information has to be regularly updated and managed.

Hotels should ensure the hotel information is accurate, the booking gateways work seamlessly and all the links work on the website. The desktop and mobile versions should be constantly updated; this shall ensure that the booking engine of your management system works to the maximum.

Utilize reporting tools: Hotels should truly look into the analytics that a PMS can provide, this shows them what is working for the hotel and what areas require some fine tuning. The numbers are a clear indicator on how well the hotel is maximizing profitability as well as managing their property.

Efficient PMS have reports ranging from daily reservations, sales targets met, occupancy details, housekeeping reports, F&B details etc. They can provide a complete picture on what the hotel does well in, and where it needs to improve.

Do not disregard them.

Set and Review Targets: Any industry requires motivation and targets for their company, and the hospitality business is no different. The employees need to know the direction they need to take and what needs to be achieved.

Hotels need to work in league with the various departments and create realistic targets, be it for RevPar, occupancy, Spa sales, F&B sales and so on. A revenue manager in an efficient PMS can help provide previous data as well as information with regard to what can be expected in the near future.

Keeping all these information in mind, hotels can work with their teams and set targets which have to be regularly reviewed since the economy is constantly changing.

Hotels should invest in an efficient PMS for their property but they should also ensure that the PMS is utilized fully. Make sure your systems work in favour of your property.

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