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Top 10 reasons to choose Greek Island Hopping for this summer

Are you now planning your summer vacation? Greek Island Hopping is the best thing you can do for this summer! Read here the top 10 reasons why!

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1. Wonderful islands

The Greek islands are renowned all over the world. This is not a coincidence! Unique landscape, picturesque seaside or mountainous settlements and interesting things to do. The Greek islands are a whole new world!


 2. Great variety

What is really amazing with the Greek islands is that you can find exactly what you are looking for due to the great variety. The Ionian Islands have lush greenery and Italian-style architecture,…;qdesc=Dodecanese neoclassical colourful harbors and long history,…mp;qdesc=Cyclades white-washed villages and astonishing beaches.

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Some Greek islands are family-friendly, such as…Kos&qdesc=Kos, some other party islands, such as…amp;qdesc=Mykonos, and other islands are romantic destinations, such as…p;qdesc=Santorini. Just decide what you want and you can find the perfect destination!

3. Super accommodation deals

The economic crisis and the huge competition have as a result of unbelievable accommodation deals, especially in the low or middle season and the off-the-beaten-path islands. There are islands, such as…i&qdesc=Anafi or…s&qdesc=Tilos, where you can spend the day with less than 20€ (read here how).

4. Amazing ferry deals

Greek Island Pass is the new talk of the town! You pay the price of only one ferry ticket, but you can do more (up to 9) routes between various Cycladic islands and Crete. And all of these with the biggest flexibility you can imagine. Traveling by ferry between the islands was never easier and more affordable!

5. Sunny weather

Among all European destinations, the Greek islands can guarantee you the best weather. Especially in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, the sun is shining from April to October, and rain is the rarest thing that can happen!

6. Hospitality

Have you heard about the Greek hospitality? Well, it is not a myth, but a reality. Your stay on the Greek islands will be pleasant and joyful, and the local people will do everything they can to please you.

7. Stunning beaches

The beaches of the Greek islands are astonishing. Deep blue or turquoise waters, golden sand, refreshing waters and amazing surrounding landscape. Especially some islands, such as…e&…s&qdesc=Milos and…p;qdesc=Kefalonia, have the most impressive beaches you have ever seen. Most of them are organised with various touristic facilities.


8. Delicious food

The Greek cuisine is part of the Mediterranean cuisine. Traditional dishes with meat, variety of vegetables, fresh fish and seafood as well as tasteful delicacies constitute this cuisine you will find in every tavern of the islands.

9. Rich history

Greece is famous for its rich and long history. On the Greek islands, you can explore important archaeological sites from the ancient times that date back even to the 3rd millennium B.C. and visit significant museums with impressive exhibits. 

10. Comfortable travel

The distance between the islands is very short. Thus, you can travel from one island to another by ferry in less than one hour. That means you can go every day to another island. This is the true Greek Island Hopping!

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