LinesearchbeforeUdig streamlines UK’s pre-excavation enquiry processing

Since joining the LinesearchbeforeUdig service in June 2013 ESP Utilities Group, which operates over 10,000 gas and electricity networks in the UK, has seen a dramatic increase in the number of relevant enquiries it receives from people planning excavations on or near to their gas and electricity networks.

Previously interested parties were asked to email ESP so that enquiries could be manually checked against their asset records. This process was labour intensive and the workload greatly increased because they had to receive and respond to many emails where it had no assets near the proposed excavations.

When ESP joined the LinesearchbeforeUdig service the locations of all its networks were registered within LinesearchbeforeUdig. Now anyone planning an excavation can query the web site with the location of their planned excavation to determine if their works will affect their infrastructure.

LinesearchbeforeUdig provides a single point of contact for all enquiries relating to the infrastructure owned and/or operated by almost 50 members. This infrastructure includes underground and overhead electricity transmission and distribution networks, gas transmission and distribution networks, oil pipelines and fibre optic networks. The LinesearchbeforeUdig service handles over one million enquiries annually.

All enquirers receive an instant online response to their initial enquiry advising if their location is inside or outside the zones of the LinesearchbeforeUdig asset owners. This means that enquirers receive faster response times and LinesearchbeforeUdig asset owners receive only relevant enquiries removing the need for them to check and respond to enquiries relating to excavations that are not near their asset base.

This helps to reduce the number of enquiries passed on to asset owners enabling them to respond to the important enquiries much more efficiently.

Alan Slee – Operations Manager said “becoming a member of LinesearchbeforeUdig has supported ESP in terms of providing a professional and efficient service to interested parties seeking information on our asset records”.

About LinesearchbeforeUdig:
LinesearchbeforeUdig is the UK’s most powerful, free to use, online enquiry portal for utility infrastructure information. It was created in 2012 by the merger of PelicanCorp’s BeforeUdig service and, a free service operated by chartered surveyors and specialist property consultancy Fisher German that had been in operation since 2003. At the time of the merger, assets registered with represented over 200,000 kms of pipe and cable infrastructure.

About ESP Utilities Group:
ESP Utilities Group Ltd operates gas and electricity infrastructure networks across Britain, chiefly through its ES Pipelines Ltd and ESP Electricity Ltd subsidiaries.  ES Pipelines is the UK’s market leader in extending the national gas network to communities and businesses, while ESP Electricity operates electricity networks primarily for new-build developments and the industrial and commercial sectors.

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