Flying to Australia, on the wings of PelicanCorp

Mike Sullivan, president at Alberta One-Call, has become the lucky winner of PelicanCorp’s third CGA Conference prize draw, scoring a trip for two to Australia with five nights accommodation.

PelicanCorp first staged the draw at the 2012 CGA Conference. With a value of $US5000, it was the most valuable prize ever offered at the show. PelicanCorp's marketing coordinator, Yulia Budyanskaya, said at the time "We wanted our brand remembered, especially since we were the only Australian company there."

That certainly worked, according to Mike. “PelicanCorp’s incredible draw for a trip to Australia quickly put it on the map in a very big way,” he said. “Hosting a draw of this nature is bold and ‘out of the box’ thinking. I admire that.”

He described The CGA Exhibition and Conference as the quintessential damage prevention gathering in North America. “In the various damage prevention roles I’ve had over the years, the contacts I’ve made at the Conference and the networking opportunities have been tremendous – many will be life-long friendships.”

The 2014 prize was drawn by last year’s winner, Allison Strouse. When she drew his name, Mike said: “Allison – thank you for pulling my name! I was standing with my back to the wall in an uncrowded section of the conference hall when I heard my name called. I immediately thought someone was pulling my leg. Lo and behold, it was real.”

Mike entered the draw thinking it would make a wonderful 25th wedding anniversary celebration. “My first thought was being able to take my wife on a trip that in all likelihood we probably never would have considered – only dreamed about. We’ve never been to Australia and we are very excited about it!

“It’s a luxury we probably never would have awarded ourselves. We’ll be 25 years married this year and have been together since we were both sixteen. Over those years, we’ve been busy raising a family and taking care of one another. Beyond a weekend away here and there, we’ve never really done anything for ourselves. So this is beyond special. To be honest, words can’t describe how fortunate we both feel.”

In addition to being president at Alberta One-Call Mike is also executive director for the Canadian CGA. He says that Canada is moving from dial-before-you-dig to click-before-you-dig. “The CCGA applied for 811 in Canada but the application was denied. So, we moved to a web portal( and we’ve never looked back.”

The CGA Conference is embracing the new technologies also. “A number of the conference sessions this year were dedicated to new and emerging technologies – web portals, apps,” Mike said. Those sessions brought many like-minded people together – people who hadn’t connected yet. New connections – like this one with PelicanCorp – are important. They allow us to grow.”

The Canadian CGA held its first Damage Prevention Symposium in Kananaskis, Alberta last November and is planning the next one in Banff, Alberta in October 2014.

“In terms of size, it doesn’t compare with the CGA Exhibition and Conference in the United States,” Mike said. “But the issues we are facing in Canada are very similar to those in Australia – namely, a lack of damage prevention legislation topping the list. We’d love to see some of our Commonwealth family in Banff!”

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