Trenching training hard to come by has released a new version of its training requirements for competency in trenching, the second in six months. Any organisation seeking to get its workers trained to the new competency requirement might struggle: courses specific to it seem to be in short supply.

Release 2 of RIICCM210D - Install Trench Support was issued in March. It follows release 1 issued in November 2013, which replaced the earlier module RIICCM210A Install Trench Support.

The skills requirements can be found here and assessment requirements here. Safework Australia has yet to produce a set of training resources for the new module, but it can be pre-ordered. It will cost $1950 and comprises learner guides, PowerPoint presentations, formative and summative assessment tools, trainer's handbook, full audit mapping for all training and assessment, training and assessment strategy template, relevant checklists, templates, forms and supporting documents.

The web site lists over 50 registered training organisations as offering training in RIICCCM210D. However our spot check of a handful of these failed to locate any that showed specific training in RIICCCM210D. Some institutions that offer it do so only as part of a much more comprehensive training course.

One exception is Gascoigne, It offers a one day course in RIICCM210D - Install Trench Support. It charges $150 per student for a one day course, but requires 10 registrations before it will run a course, and does not at present seem to have a scheduled.

A search of the Federal Department of Industry’s MySkills web site for training in RIICCM210D threw up only three hits: Gascoigne, Diggerman Training and the Satyananda Yoga Academy!

That latter, of course is a complete furphy. Dig a little deeper and it shows a link the web site of Coates Hire, which does indeed offer training.

It offers three relevant courses: Trenching and Shoring Operations; Trenching and Shoring Operations - Refresher and Working Near Underground Assets. However the training and shoring courses both offer training to the requirements of the superseded RIICCM210A.

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