PelicanCorp streamlines Shoalhaven Water’s DBYD responses

pel619 pelicancorp streamlines shoalhaven water s dbyd responses

Shoalhaven Water -- part of Shoalhaven City Council -- provides water and sewerage services to more than 100,000 customers over an area of 4531 square kilometres on the NSW South Coast. When it joined the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service it knew the number of enquiries for the location of its underground infrastructure would rise significantly from the average of 100 per month that it was receiving directly and processing manually.

It was right. In the first month after joining DBYD it received 739 such requests, a number that would have totally overwhelmed the available resources for processing these requests manually.

Fortunately, in anticipation of the increased workload, Shoalhaven Water had implemented PelicanCorp’s TicketAccess system to automate its responses to underground asset location requests from DBYD.

PelicanCorp and Shoalhaven Water worked collaboratively to capture and set all the business rules within TicketAccess to enable it to provide asset location information based on DBYD requests for both standard and critical Shoalhaven Water assets.

Katherine Wilson, Water Connections and Business Support at Shoalhaven Water, said that TicketAccess had automated the workload, interacting seamlessly with DBYD.

“We really wanted a set and forget system, which is what we have managed to achieve with TicketAccess,” she said. “We have had customers inform us that they have received their plans from Shoalhaven Water via email before they are off the phone with the DBYD call centre.”

TicketAccess has provided benefits in addition to delivering rapid and automated responses to asset location requests. “Our previously generated in-house maps did not contain a legend – so accuracy could be brought into question,” Katherine explained. “With TicketAccess’ automated maps, enquiry responses now contain a legend so data interpretation is easier.”

TicketAccess also maintains an audit trail of every enquiry and the response to it.

“If we have had any damage done to our assets we can now go back through the system to see if a DBYD request was lodged,” Katherine said. “This then allows us to do an investigative study as to how the incident may have occurred.”

The end result is that Shoalhaven Water is confident it has done everything possible to protect its underground assets from excavation damage by providing accurate and timely information on their location.

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