What Dial Before You Dig teach the IT industry

pel626 what dial before you dig teach the it industry

At first blush Australia’s Dial Before You Dig service might not seem to have much in common with the information technology (IT) industry, but that’s not the view of one IT expert who, in {cslimited}this article{/cslimited}, offers “Five lessons you can learn from the utilities sector – power generation, transmission and distribution, and retail.”

He points out that utilities share information on their underground infrastructure with land departments, property developers, telecom companies, water utilities, and agriculture departments and that “this information is accurately measured, catalogued and provided as a service for the simple reason that before anyone digs the ground they are clear on what is underneath them.”

So what does this have to do with IT? Today any IT environment is replete with interconnected and interdependent systems. Changes to one component can have ramifications well beyond its boundaries. Working out all the possible ramifications of a proposed change can be a slow and painful process.

For the reason, the article says any IT organisation needs a “single repository of information” that people can “query and understand system dependencies.”

That’s exactly what Dial Before You Dig offers: a single repository of information on the land and what is beneath it, so that anyone wanting to make changes to one part of it — an existing pipe or cable — or to add to it — laying a new pipe or cable — can assess what the potential impact of their planned actions will be and adjust those to avoid disrupting the status quo.

The author notes that Dial Before You Dig is “offered through a self-service channel in many countries and regions,” and he urges his readers: “Try to encourage your IT team to think of a self-service like ‘Dial Before You Dig’ where a development team can assess the impacts and push through changes to production.”

Can you think of any other industries that could benefit from similar advice?


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