PelicanCorp TicketAccess automates City of Charles Sturt’s DBYD responses

pel629 pelicancorp ticketaccess automates city of charles sturt s dbyd responses

The City of Charles Sturt (CCS) in the western suburbs of Adelaide owns around 500kms of underground assets including stormwater and recycled water supply networks. Enquiries relayed by Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) from contractors wanting to dig near those networks were running at around 600 per month, and growing by about 10 percent each month.

Responding to these enquiries was a manual process, and a full-time job. The City knew it would need to automate the process to prevent it consuming even more staff resources. It also needed to integrate information about planned excavations into its planning systems and capital works programme.

To achieve these goals CCS chose PelicanCorp’s TicketAccess automatic ticket and response management service for DBYD enquiries. TicketAccess is a cloud-based solution, hosted by PelicanCorp, so CCS did not need to install any software to use the service.

TicketAccess has streamlined the entire process. It takes the enquiry from DBYD, correlates this with infrastructure location information from CCS’s GIS data and provides a response to the enquirer in a form specified by CCS.

TicketAccess has reduced the staff resources required for handling DBYD enquiries to less than one hour per day.

Monique Weiher, Senior Business Engagement Analyst for CCS, said: “Requests for information are provided quicker, improving our customer relations with businesses, external staff and residents who are seeking asset information. With such a successful reduction in repetitive tasks, we have been able to re-allocate resources elsewhere and provide them the opportunity to upskill in other areas.”

And in a first-of-its-kind implementation of TicketAccess, it is being integrated with CCS’s capital works programme so that TicketAccess is able to determine when an enquiry relates to a location that is in the vicinity of a planned or current project. Then, via a link into CCS’s workflow management system, the appropriate project manager can be notified.

CCS estimates the value of its underground assets at $367 million, which means the annual cost of protecting these assets by subscribing to the DBYD service and automating its response with TicketAccess amounts to just 0.004 percent of their value.

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