PelicanCorp aims for the pinnacle of spatial industry awards

pel634 pelicancorp aims for the pinnacle of spatial industry awards

For organisations and individuals working in the surveying and spatial information industries in the Asia-Pacific region, the pinnacle of peer recognition is an Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Award (APSEA). These are the only awards in the region that combine recognition of both individuals and organisations engaged in the surveying and spatial information industry.

Previous years have seen an excellent standard of competition, with a diverse range of individuals and small, medium and large private, public and academic sector organisations vying for these prestigious awards.

However the path to this pinnacle is tough: to qualify for entry to the awards Australian companies and individuals must be winners in the Australian Spatial Excellence Awards, held in each state and territory. Those awards are now underway, and in some states, the winners have already been announced.

PelicanCorp submitted its PermitAccess solution for a Victorian SEA award in the spatial enablement category and will learn the outcome at the awards dinner in Melbourne on 7 September.

The Australian Spatial Excellence Awards were created and are hosted jointly by the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) and the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI).

They are open to any organisation — private, public, academic or not-for-profit — provided, except in exceptional cases, that the evidence of spatial industry activity submitted in support of the nomination relates to the two years prior to submission.

The Award for Spatial Enablement “recognises products or projects in which the application of spatial information, methodology and/or tools has greatly improved the outcomes of a project, process or product.”

PelicanCorp’s entry, PermitAccess, provides an online portal to process road opening notices that allow access to corridors like highways, motorways, main roads, minor roads, parks, waterways and rail lines.

These facilities need to be closed to normal users when excavation or other work is taking place and a coordinated approach is needed to closing and maintain safety around these corridors.

PermitAccess enables these necessary closures to be co-ordinated between contractors and the relevant authorities, with full visibility for all parties. Contractors can lodge a corridor access request for all planned excavation and non-excavation activities. PermitAccess works in conjunction with Dial Before You Dig (or its equivalent outside Australia) to provide a complete solution for those working in and around the road corridor, or other facility.

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