Council plans five dimensional infrastructure model


Ipswich Council in Queensland has an ambitious plan: to create what it describes a five dimension data model of the city that will take a 3D model of city infrastructure above and below ground and combine that with dimensions of other data and time.

The council hopes that, by integrating council data with state and federal government data as well as telecommunications and utility data it will be able to create a truly holistic view of the city.It says the initiative will allow it to be more effective and innovative with planning, development, compliance, maintenance and research.

The council is seeking partner organisations able to help it create an open 5D data modelling platform, and has listed details of the project on the Digital Marketplace operated by the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Agency, an initiative under the National Innovation and Science Agenda designed to make it easier for smaller businesses to compete for government information and communications technology opportunities.

This 5D data modelling platform is part of Ipswich’s smart city program and the council expects that the work it is undertaking to develop the model will feed into other smart city program initiatives, including remote piloted systems, connected transport and the health living lab. 

The project would build on the city’s already operational open data initiative under which more than 60 sets of council data are available for download. These include; data on plans for new trunk road infrastructure; the location of oil pipelines and high-pressure gas pipelines; high voltage powerlines.

The council says businesses will benefit by having a more tangible interface to traditionally complex and siloed city data and that the model will allow it to be more effective and innovative with planning, development, compliance, maintenance and research.

It also expects to be able to more quickly provide solutions to For community needs, saying: “The initiative will ensure a more efficient and transparent council, which will improve resident satisfaction … and allow for delivery of other smart city initiatives, which will improve the lives of the Ipswich community using data and technology.”

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