Canadian One Call services to merge and move to PelicanCorp OneCallAccess


Three Canadian provinces — Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba — are unifying their One Call underground utility location services. They are consolidating their service under OneCallAccess, which is developed and operated by PelicanCorp.

PelicanCorp has begun working with the three One Call services to configure OneCallAccess to meet the specific requirements. The three separate One Call services will be transitioned onto OneCallAccess over the next few months, and the three services say they will communicate with all members and users well in advance of any changes coming into effect.

OneCallAccess is a cloud-based managed One Call management system for e-ticket and call centre operations, hosted and managed by PelicanCorp and designed for automation and web-enabled self-service.

After examining numerous options, the three One Call services concluded that PelicanCorp’s OneCallAccess was the only option that would meet their requirements.

Mike Sullivan, President of Alberta One Call, said: ”OneCallAccess is malleable to whatever geographic location it is used in and brings with it a host of fresh new ideas to the North American damage prevention space.”

Chris Van Kats, Executive Director of the Manitoba Common Ground Alliance, added: “The software lends itself to the direction we are taking across the regions – which focuses on increasing self-serve online and mobile ticket entry.”

Chris Hyland, President and CEO of BC One Call added “We are really proud of the advancement we are making to revolutionize the One Call processes across Western Canada. By collaborating as organizations and unifying our business rules we are taking a huge step to move the damage prevention process forward. At the end of the day our members and users will see the greatest gain in efficiency to the service possible”.

PelicanCorp says OneCallAccess can be configured to suit the ticket entry requirements of any One Call service, including all data fields, mapping rules and notification rules for utilities, and allows for real time analytics on system performance, ticket based statistics and contractor usage.

“PelicanCorp are extremely happy to be chosen to partner with the Western Canada Partners during this time of significant change in the Canadian One Call market space. Automation and web enabled self-service are at the very core of PelicanCorp’s OneCallAccess SaaS offering which will now be delivered across these progressive provinces. We are excited as an organization to increase our global footprint and be a part of this huge transition for Canada.” Said Duane Rodgers, CEO, PelicanCorp.

According to PelicanCorp OneCallAccess has been built using a unique mapping platform that provides the most accurate ticket capture on the market.

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