Another lucky winner of a trip to Australia - courtesy of PelicanCorp

apel520 another lucky winner of a trip to australia courtesy of pelicancorp
This year, for the fourth year running, PelicanCorp held a draw at the annual Common Ground Alliance (CGA) show in the US, with the prize being a trip for two to Australia. We caught up with this year's winner, Cory Tuhy, a process safety management and DoT compliance technician for Whiting Petroleum Corporation, a Colorado-based exploration and production company.

200,000 reasons to dial before you dig

pel517 200 000 reasons to dial before you dig
In the US April is once again National Safe Digging Month when owners of underground infrastructure and others back events around the nation to raise awareness of the national Dial-Before-You-Dig service, which is available to anyone in the US by dialling 811.

Dial Before You Dig comes to CIVENEX

pel513 dial before you dig comes to civenex
For the first time Dial Before You Dig will be delivering seminars at CIVENEX, the annual showpiece of the NSW division of the Institute of Public Works Engineers of Australasia (IPWEA) and Australia’s premier infrastructure expo.

PelicanCorp digging webinars

PelicanCorp has kicked off a series of webinars detailing some of its wide range of product and service offerings. The first of these focused on a range of cloud-based PelicanCorp services that enable councils to outsource and streamline the process of responding to Dial-Before-You-Dig (DBYD) and road opening requests and to better manage and coordinate these services. 

Augmented reality meets underground asset location

pel511 augmented reality meets underground asset location
In a couple of recent articles we've talked about the potential for combining several recent technology developments to provide excavators with accurate information on the location of underground assets, and to ensure that stored information on the location of such assets is accurate and up to date. Now, it seems such a technology has arrived.

PelicanCorp’s CGA prizewinner digs Downunder

pel512 pelicancorp s cga prizewinner digs downunder
In 2014, for the fourth year running, PelicanCorp held a draw at the annual Common Ground Alliance (CGA) show in the US, with the prize being a trip for two to Australia. Last month we caught up with the winner, Mike Sullivan, president at Alberta One-Call, when he took his trip to Australia accompanied by his wife, Julie.

Exactly where is that underground infrastructure?

pel504 exactly where is that underground infrastructure
The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is throwing a spotlight on the underpinning of the national Dial-Before-You-Dig service: the accuracy of the information on underground asset location provided to it by local councils, energy utilities and other asset owners.

Toowoomba Council loses track of buried assets

pel503 toowoomba council loses track of buried assets
Dial before you dig is a great service for anyone planning to dig a hole in the ground, but it relies on the owners of buried infrastructure to provide accurate information on the location of that infrastructure, and that is sometimes sadly lacking.

A shocking story of failure to dial before digging

You don’t have to go very deep before you hit underground infrastructure, and you don’t even have to be digging up the ground to worry about where it is located: a fact that was brought home with very painful and near fatal consequences to an unfortunate Jack Russell terrier in the Victorian town of Northcote.

Firefighters flag trench rescue problems

pel502-firefighters-flag-trench-rescue-problemsVictoria's Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the United Firefighters Union (UFU) are locked in a long-running dispute over the CFA's ability to provide the specialised services needed to rescue people trapped in collapsed trenches.

Do you remember life before DBYD?

Being able to call up or go to a web site and get information on underground infrastructure before you start digging a hole is something we tend to take for granted in Australia - after all, the Dial Before You Dig service has been around for 25 years.

Northumbrian Water Group joins LinesearchbeforeUdig

Pictured above (L to R) Dave Street, Business Development Manager for LinesearchbeforeUdig and Mike Guthrie, Performance Manager for Northumbrian Water.
Northumbrian Water Group has become the latest utility to join LinesearchbeforeUdig, the UK’s free to use, online enquiry portal for information on underground utility infrastructure.

In praise of AS 5488


It goes without saying that the dial-before-you-dig service is only as good as the data it holds about what is being dug into: if the horizontal and vertical positions of underground infrastructure are not accurately recorded dial-before-you-dig can, at worst, give diggers a false sense of security.

The luck of the Irish: gas leak but no explosion


“A bar owner spoke of his disgust after he was forced to close his premises for an entire day last week, after workmen hit a gas pipe at Market Square.” So ran the report in Northern Ireland's Ulster Star newspaper.