Mornington Peninsula Shire deploys PelicanCorp’s PermitAccess

PEL817 Morning Peninsular case study

The Mornington Peninsula Shire in Victoria has become the first local council in Australia to adopt PelicanCorp’s cloud based system, PermitAccess that integrates Dial Before You Dig enquires with applications for access to the road corridor to carry out excavations following the DBYD enquiry.

Construction industry conference celebrates boom times

PEL515 Construction industry conference celebrates boom times

The construction industry in Australia is on a roll. According to the organisers of the forthcoming Construction Materials Industry Conference (CMIC18), Australia is on the cusp of the biggest influx of public and private infrastructure investment in decades, and the coming infrastructure boom will be one and a half times the size of recent Australian mining boom.

AS5488 subsurface utility information standard revisited

PEL807 AS5488 subsurface utility information standard revisited

Back in December 2014 in an article headed “In praise of AS 5488” we talked about the then one year old Australian standard AS 5488-2013 Classification of Subsurface Utility Information, heralded by Standards Australia as something that would “improve public safety, reduce costly property damage, and provide more accurate information on the location and type of subsurface utilities than in the past.”

How about Google Earth for the Underworld?

PEL803 How about Google Earth for the Underworld

Google Earth is a wonderful thing. Open the app, type in the name of any location, the world will turn to that location and you can zoom in every closer, seamlessly transitioning at some point from a satellite image to a Google Street View image.

Dig up your front yard, virtually

PEL802 Dig up your front yard virtually

The mission of the US Common Ground Alliance (CGA), a member-driven association of 1,700 individuals, organisations and sponsors drawn from every facet of the underground utility industry, is to prevent damage to North American underground infrastructure by promoting effective damage prevention practices.

Pipe lining: the smart thing to do

PEL801 Pipe lining the smart thing to do

The Water Services Association of Australia has welcomed $3m of government funding for research into the smart lining of pipes saying it has the potential to reduce the disruption caused by replacing buried pipes, and could earn export dollars for Australia.

Council plans five dimensional infrastructure model


Ipswich Council in Queensland has an ambitious plan: to create what it describes a five dimension data model of the city that will take a 3D model of city infrastructure above and below ground and combine that with dimensions of other data and time.

Mapping the underground from up above


In the US utilities that own buried infrastructure are required to precisely locate and mark the location of their infrastructure in response to requests lodged through Call 811, the equivalent of Australia’s Dial Before You Dig service.

Get centimetre accurate positioning – on your smartphone

PEL747 Get centimetre accurate positioning on your smartphone

A trial of satellite technology designed to improve the accuracy of satellite navigation systems such as GPS, jointly funded by the Australian and New Zealand Governments, has kicked of with an event at CQUniversity Australia's campus in Rockhampton in Queensland, but its’ been pipped at the post by a new commercial service that is offering centimetre accuracy on a smartphone. And it originated in New Zealand.

Eye in the sky to detect diggers who fail to dial

PEL744 Eye in the sky to detect diggers who fail to dial

It’s nigh on impossible to catch people digging up the ground who have failed to call Dial Before You Dig and verify the location of buried infrastructure, unless of course they dig into that buried infrastructure and deprive someone of power, gas, water or telecommunications. Or worse.