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Cost and features to develop an IOT App

The world is buzzing today with IOT, as public with warmth is also receiving the technology. Be it the smart home system, or the medicine, whether the healthcare industry or the security and education, everywhere, IOT has made us feel its presence. In the case of IOT, the different devices communicate with each other and make the work exponentially easy.

There are a number of huge firms, which are dedicatedly investing over the development of IoT and the integration of advanced innovation to the regularly used machines. The giants investing their efforts are Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Intel, Qualcomm etc.

An old report by IDC (International Data Corporation) states that expenses for IoT are going to scale up to 7.1 trillion in the year 2020. Gartner analyst's reports suggest that the cost of connected devices is going to reach almost 10 billion.

While other reports say that in near future, the number of connected devices will exceed the number of mobile phones. IoT development is the smart connection between the smartphone and devices, which is a crucial part of mobile app development.

If you are developing an IoT app, it is mandatory to have an idea about your users and the competition level in the market. To get an idea about the competition, good research is needed.

There are many factors that affect the cost of IoT app development. The IoT app is not new in terms of development. The research is being run for many years and slowly the innovative tools are being accommodated with the advance working features. Few factors, which affect the cost of developing an IoT application:

When it comes to assessing the cost of IoT development, there are various factors, which make difference. Alongside, there are some genera; factors also, which make a significant impact over the app costing.

The Basic Factors are:

  • The type of app you are developing varies with the cost. An app demanding the third party integration and complex in nature requires more development efforts and hours which in turn increases the cost.
  • The feature which app is going to be loaded with directly increased and decreases the cost of development.
  • As difficulties of the app increases, so is the cost graph. Keep your app simple and targeted to help the audience in place of increasing the intricacies of the app.
  • The technology being employed is a highly significant feature in reducing or increasing cost of the app.
  • A number of connection to devices also a noticeable factor for mobile app development company.


Apart from this, there are some main factors, which affect the cost of IoT app development.

Hardware integration: The hardware is the obvious and most important factor in the cost of app development. IoT is the integration of app and hardware, where the 70-80 percent of production cost depends over the hardware being used in the project. As the complexities of the technology increases, the cost of implementation also increases. The number of hardware involved in the development project is also the factor, which cannot be integrated. In other words, the cost if project directly proportional to the number of hardware devices. The fall in the cost of gadgets in past few years has been the good news for entrepreneurs who want to develop the IoT app.

Infrastructure: It is the second most important factor, which influence the cost of IoT app development. The apps and gadgets included in the IoT development, makes difference in the development cost. The complicacy of the support system is the part of cost affecting factors.

IoT infrastructure is categorized in following types:

Network:  The IoT needs a highly scalable wireless network infrastructure with the high-speed connection such as Wi-Fi, cellular network and Bluetooth.

Middleware app: The installation of third party gadgets to the network is the middleware app. Software developed by mobile app Development Company is IoT software.

Cloud based IoT:  It is called as the data center infrastructure, which deals with storage solutions. Cloud based services might stand costly but considered reliable and powerful.

Application: IoT application cost varies with the size. The IoT project can be categorized into three types: large, small and medium. The development of IoT application for home appliances is much easy, and cost effective. The IoT app for ECG smart refrigerator cost approx from $3000 to $4000 whereas the IoT for health machines cost around $30000-$40000. In addition, the hidden cost varies as per the size of app. Always discuss the web and mobile development company before starting the project.

The estimated cost of IoT app development for different field:

  • In media, the IoT app costs around $10000
  • For environmental monitoring devices, the gadgets are also costly so are cost of IoT app development. Its costs around $10000.
  • The infrastructure management is a costlier platform, where the app development cost is $25000 approx for a general app.
  • Manufacturing industry also has its spark with the IoT apps, and there are many big tasks where the automation has become the integral part. Here the web and mobile development company charges around $50000 for an IOT app.
  • The medical and healthcare sector is the new home for IoT. The health monitoring devices are integrated well to monitor the chronic issues within human body. Today, even the robots have been developed to operate the body and do surgery.
  • Transport industry is significantly adopting the IoT integration. Here the app costs around $25000.


In any case, it is almost impossible to assume the exact cost of an IoT app, but still we can have an idea as per the market trends and the complicacies of the app. The above factors are the most crucial factors, which affect the cost of app, either positive or negative. Apart from this, there are many different factors involved. To get the exact estimate you may consult with a good mobile app development company. IoT has already penetrated the life components such as our home appliances, smart phone, transportation and other common sectors.

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