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5G technology - catalyst for IoT future

5G technology - catalyst for IoT future

The rollout of “5G” soon started when the first service bundles offered by telecommunications companies came in to notice

With the same G like in 2G, 3G, and 4G this technology has something different from others. In 5G the “G” means it is a new generation of wireless technology that will surely have an impact on the future IoT needs and this is the point where the similarity of 5G ends from others. On the whole, every fresh generation of technology has first and foremost been defined by its augmented data transmission speeds. But from a technology point of view, each change in the wireless network technology has brought a distinct change in the world.

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Here in this write up you will get complete details about how this technology going to act likes a catalyst for the future of the internet of things. But, before proceeding ahead let’s first understand what 5G technology is and how it is different from all other network rollouts. Let’s get started!

What is 5G technology?

 To understand this concept lets discuss it in layman’s language, to be honest about this technology. Well, 5G technology is still in its growing phase and immature. On the other hand, mobile phones and Smartphone’s are going to struggle when it comes to wireless technology. But at the same time when this technology is applied to IoT, it will offer the kind of speed and performance gains needed to handle all those activities efficiently.

5G technology is a complex merger of next-generation technological improvement to telecommunication networks, which will act as a catalyst for next-generation IoT services.

 It isn’t just a superior version of 4G technology, but a worldwide platform that can digitize and automate everything that we can think of.  Several things come under this cutting-edge technology starting from fiber, edge computing, ultra-fast, MIMO-based new radio, network slicing, and virtualization and many more on the list.

5G is certainly going to make your experience with wireless networks powerful. This technology will play an outstanding role in realizing the full perspective of the Internet, and other up-and-coming technologies. For the Internet of things the 5G technology will the foundation that will drive growth in this, and is estimated to grow up at 350% in the upcoming 5 years.

How 5G technology work, and how is it special from other network rollouts?

Like other network rollouts in the past time, there is something different about the 5G technology that makes it special from others at the same time. To send data 5G networks will use a system of cell sites using radio waves. This process will be more efficient and quick at the same time. The 5G will also boost up transmitting data in shorter distances. So, 5G networks are going to be much smarter and quicker than the previous systems, as it is going to provide much more advanced data in various technologies as compared to 4G/LTE.

5G benefits for IoT

No matter how uneven the energy markets are in the present scenario but soon 5G technologies are going to simplify this. 5G will sooner or later result in making the integration of smart meters much simpler and affordable thus making it the perfect integrated connectivity platform for users.

However, in addition to the above things what makes me more excited about this rollout is that it includes Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications and massive Machine Type Communications in it. Together these two communications can help in the transformation of industries with ultra- available and low latency links. 


Below mentioned are the various ways in which 5G will play a role in supporting the internet of things in industry wise verticals.


The 5G technology will not only offer a more trustworthy set of connection but at the same time will deliver a tremendously safe network for industrial IoT devices by integrating security into the network architecture. The industries will be tremendously benefited with this technology and this field will be foremost among the main users of private 5G networks.


The real-time networks will be achieved quickly using 5G which will considerably efficiently change the healthcare industry.  The cases include live transmission of high-definition videos of surgeries that can be distantly monitored. As the healthcare sector is already booming and with the launch of 5G technology it is surely going to do tremendously well. And this is the reason why healthcare app development is popular nowadays.

Astonishing mobile data services

 With 5G technology, mobile phone carriers are already at work and trying hard to create innovation in their devices to cope up with this technology. The present mobile networks are bound to gain the most from this technology. However, if things went in the right direction then the telecom industry can grow by leaps and bounds in no time.

With this move, mobile networks will become much more secure than before, but they will also be able to carry a huge amount of big data at a similar time and this will be a great thing for the telecom industry. IoT is the leading thing among all that will be benefited much more than any other sector. , In short, 5G is going to do everything possible with the 4G network but in an improved manner.

Wrap up section

With the internet of things and 5G technology coming together, companies dealing in both sectors can look forward to a bright future that will systematically upgrade revenues. Since the work graph for the work of 5G is already there and because it’s the technology that is going to work together with its forerunner, the cost of fresh tools is already minor. Thus the transformation in the technology is going to be ravishing without any denial.

So it’s clear that 5G rollout would certainly be a good thing to look out for. It would not only make the features of IoT bigger but also make it well-organized. Hopefully, you will find this data helpful as this is all from my part. If you have a mobile app development requirement then contact Fluperand get a free consultation with our experts now!

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