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The Impact of IoT In Field Service Management

Challenges faced by field service management and how these challenges can be removed by the IoT in the field service management

A machine that you have been using smoothly, suddenly gets out of order! How common is this scenario at your home? When this happens, you call the customer care and ask for on-field technician support. A technician gets scheduled for you, he comes on-time if you are lucky, manually monitors the machine, takes his time to detect the exact point of damage, if he is not carrying the right tool or the replacement for the damaged accessory/component then he goes back to get that, comes back and then fixes the problem.

We all know how time-taking are these field services. Don't we have any technology around that can ease down the task for the customers as well as for the companies that offer field services? Here, a field service management software enabled with Internet of Things (IoT), comes in for the rescue.

Harnessing the Power of Internet of Things with FSM Software

Challenges for Field Service Managers

Field service professionals, either managers or on-field technicians have a lot on their plate. They not only need to perform their tasks for the day but also within the assigned time slot. Having so much to manage, it is a great idea for technicians to have their field scheduling management software enabled with the power of IoT or Internet of Things.

To understand the impact of IoT in field service management first let us discuss the challenges of field service managers:


Tracking the functioning of machines
2. Identifying the field technicians with the requisite skill sets for the service to be delivered
3. Tracking the availability of the near-by field technician for the earliest service delivery
4. Scheduling the on-field technicians as per the availability of the customers
5. Real-time job scheduling and briefing to the field technician
6. Record maintenance

Addressing these challenges is of paramount importance for field service managers to ensure timely delivery of effective services. Here a field scheduling software could act as one-stop solution that facilitates the field service manager to streamline the service delivery process with maximum operational efficiency.
Let’s Take A Look At How IoT Can be a Helpful Technology in FSM

IoT Integrated FSM Software Enables ‘Predictive Maintenance’ - A Shift From Reactive to Proactive Repair Services

Till date, the field service industry largely adopts the break-fix approach. Damage repair services are offered only after the client reports an issue. So, repair services are reactive as the problem has already struck and disrupted the client. But with IoT sensors, machines can autonomously report their status thus it becomes possible for technicians to predict any up-coming maintenance requirements. Thereby, instead of wasting time on diagnosing unidentified malfunctions, technicians can adopt a procedural approach and offer proactive repair service.

This method of predictive maintenance that allows the field service provider to act before the problem becomes a major one, ensures far less or no down-time of the machines, thus increases productivity and helps in delivering client satisfaction.

IoT Makes Diagnosis Easy But Repair Services Still Have to be Performed by Technicians Only

IoT is a revolutionary technological boom that makes the diagnosis process a lot more convenient as it takes away the need of manually diagnosing the unidentified malfunctions. But the repair services have to be performed manually. This leaves the field service managers with many other management challenges such as how to schedule, monitor, report, and ensure the timely delivery of the services. The field service operational efficiency can be best achieved through FSM software in the the following ways:

1. Hassle-free scheduling of resources for optimal utilization
2. Systematic provision for providing on-job assignment briefing to the field workforce
3. Easy supervision of on-field technician’s activities
4. Convenient integration of the on-field activities with back-office/ inventory
5. Single database to access customer data and manage orders easily
6. A better and time-saving alternative to manual documentation and reporting
Final Thoughts

Field service software offers more transparency in the overall process, ensures punctuality in service delivery, minimise scheduling costs and process complexity as compared to ‘call’ scheduling, minimize inventory costs and avoids over-scheduling of the technicians that usually causes missed appointments. FMS software is itself a power-packed solution for field services. Considering their immense functionality, these types of software are under a continuous process of evolution and the advantage of predictive maintenance through the Internet of Things has taken it to a different level altogether.

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