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Know about the top upcoming IoT Trends in 2019

2018 was the year! It was excitement, suspense, joy, disappointment, and advancement all wrapped into a buzzword; IoT. Yet, 2019 offers even more transformation. Almost every company across several industries are investing significantly in IoT, with leading industries solidifying their position in the race.


The need to hire dedicated developers to help with IoT application development projects is now increased and customers are also becoming more ambitious in their expectations. According to an estimate, over 80% of IoT expenditure by the year 2020 will be based on B2B applications and use cases.

This is why you cannot afford to overlook the trends that are anticipated in 2019. Here are some of the upcoming trends in the field of IoT that you should look forward to.

The Concept of the Digital Twin is Becoming Widespread

In 2019, be on the lookout for more applications of digital twins in businesses. A survey was carried out and it was observed that 54% of the respondents were in favor of digital solutions for product quality monitoring and prediction of failures.

If you’re not familiar with what a digital twin is, here’s an overview.

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twin has been hailed as a key component by which digital data can be utilized to improve operations. Without mincing words, this is the next best thing to happen in the world of IoT development.

We can like a digital twin to the doppelganger of a real-world object/process. It not only helps businesses to visualize what is ongoing with physical assets, but it also helps to divide between the physical and the virtual.

For example, one of the significant applications of this technology is using a tool such as the IBM Watson to uncover hidden patterns in investments or in a production process, helping to ensure traceability and quality.

Digital Twins in 2019

We’re in an era where the only digital currency that holds value is data and this data is becoming more available and accessible. This is made possible via the plethora of sensors and sensing objects that we have in our environment.

Leveraging the data available, we predict an increase in Digital Twins, empowering more organizations to do more.

A digital twin transcends visualization of data based on assets, it will also enable entire plants to be modeled. This will give the business an overview of the entire process, ensuring they are able to predict what will happen when a new model is made available or when some production variables are altered.


Edge Computing Will Be Predominant

This point is not to downplay the importance of the cloud in our world today. There’s no doubt that the cloud has supported significant technological advancements.

It has also caused a major paradigm shift in the industry. However, the limits are slowly becoming more observable and intractable.

The emergence of IoT app development does more to expose this inherent flaw.

With the cloud, it’s impossible to always have fast and reliable internet connectivity. When we go through some connectivity-intensive applications of IoT such as vehicular communication or medical purposes, the storage costs and the service provided does not measure up to standard.

This has caused the relocation of part of the storage and processing of data to the periphery of the network. This is usually close to the sensors/objects, and this phenomenon is known as edge computing.

It’s an utterly brilliant innovation that ensures real-time operation while reducing power consumption, the size of data centers, and the cost.

Communication Standards and Protocols

In the past, the usual complaint has been that there are too many different standard protocols surrounding the internet of things infrastructure. Even though these standards have been reduced by the complex requirements 5G networks brought, we’re still a long way from completely stripping the technology of the protocols.

As a result, we’ve had certain frameworks and several platforms emerge in order to enable the management and standardization of some of the peripheral systems in use today. One proposal worthy of note is the Foundation’s open source EdgeX Foundry proposal.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Apart from the fact that organizations are now beginning to see more benefits of adopting SaaS solutions in real-time, the cost of entry has been reduced drastically, ensuring that businesses can benefit without significant overhead costs. Because of the numerous complications of a typical IoT application development solution (spanning the device firmware, server-side logic, data, and ML algorithms), software as a service would be a potential solution to incorporate all these features.

Cognitive Computing

If you work for a web development company based in the USA, this is a trend you should be excited to see. This is because it’s one of the most remarkable applications of IoT, showcasing the tremendous opportunity we have on our hands.

The learning environment that machines work in will inadvertently be improved because cognitive computing has the ability to increase the data gathered, which is the next step beyond the conventional way IoT has been used so far. When we consider the possibilities of edge analytics, sensors that can diagnose and adapt, we realize that truly cognitive computing will change the daily operations in a web development company based in the USA.


We’re in an era where companies go the extra mile to hire dedicated developers who will help with IoT development solutions that are capable of transforming an entire industry. Because IoT is evolving so rapidly, it’s possible that all these trends are exhausted before long and new concepts turn out to be the defining paradigms in the IoT sphere.

You will enjoy several benefits when you hire developers who are always abreast of vital information and trends. You should also deal with a web development company in USA  only if you’re convinced that they have the technical know-how in IoT technology and upcoming trends.

This is why you ought to contact us today for your IoT development needs. You are assured of excellence!

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