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The future of IoT: How IoT will transform our lives in 2019

Pave the path of success and explore your imaginations to the fullest with the latest emerging technologies in the market.


Technological experts have estimated that in the year 2019 more than 24 billion devices based on IoT will rule all over the globe. IoT has already brought a massive change by introducing automation.

In the upcoming years, advanced versions of the technology are expected to be enjoyed. AI app development companies are trying heart and soul for finding out the best IoT devices.

1. Applications will perform all tasks:

IoT has brought a unique world of automation where most vital functions of daily-life can be easily performed without involving any manual efforts. Data can be easily collected and stored.

On the other hand, writers are using different advanced applications for completing assignments faster and accurately. It has accelerated both reporting and tracking of information.

Robotic-applications receive commands for performing varied tasks. IoT will also improve Smartphone actions.

2. Internet will create an ecosystem:

It helps in protecting valuable resources for stopping unwanted wastage. Everything has become online, and this is how a complete ecosystem shall come into being.

Devices will become absolutely advanced and smarter. Faster and safest communication means will get discovered by the blessings of IoT.

3. Exploding of cloud hosting:

The Internet can develop a great ecosystem only by means of inviting cloud hosting. It will add powerful sensors enabling users collecting or retrieving data more efficiently.

Correct language and format of devices will really make a difference. It will explode cloud-hosting by adding advanced features to traditional applications.

4. Improvement of the healthcare industry:

In the healthcare industry, it helps in monitoring and collecting data on the basis of which vital decisions can be taken. More hospitals and doctors can now make the best use of healthcare devices and patient statistics to their fullest.

Medical professionals can communicate freely with each other in times of emergencies.

5. Avoiding traffic jams:

During rush-hours, traffic-jams are very much irritating, and IoT can help in preventing these jams from reaching offices at correct hours. Smart technology can improve traffic lights, streets, and cars.

Efficient timing can be managed by adjusting stop-lights automatically as a result of which heaviest jams can be controlled easily.

6. The growth of renewable energy:

The Internet can help in utilizing green resources for developing renewable energy. Renewable-energy oriented devices especially thermostats and smart meters are really pretty helpful and can make your tasks easy.

It leads to the effective utilization of both wind and solar energies for empowering different automated devices. IoT app developers are quite busy these days in finding out the superior most applications supporting agriculture and food supply.

Read More: Things to remember when becoming IoT developer 7. The abundance of food supply:

Technology has given an excellent opportunity for farmers to grow crops or agricultural products' in quite an advanced way of making the food-supply unlimited and continuous. Smart devices for farming will come for increasing crop fertility and productivity.

8. Inviting increased security:

Security is one of the most significant needs of every individual on this earth and technology is the sole solution that can bring a high standard of security. Your online-transactions will remain secure, and the chances of hacking will be reduced to a great extent.

Technology will bring highest data-security which can protect sensitive-data from unwanted hacking. It will make the invention of more and more endpoint security-solutions preventing data-loss and increasing threat protection and network health. 

9. Change of shopping way:

Shopping items from one shop to another is quite frustrating at times especially when you do not have the scope to go outside on a frequent note. Here, technology has gifted with many solutions online that have gifted you with a great shopping experience.

In future also IoT will make the Smartphone technology so improved that you will enjoy buying products from online stores. You will be able to track your items on a real-time basis as a result of which acute transparency will be maintained at the end of the day.

10. Living in a smarter world:

It is a dream of every individual to dwell on a smarter planet where automation is doing everything. You just have to sit and relax.

IoT will surely gift you with such a world in the upcoming year. In 2019 IoT will introduce a new range of automation which will make you completely surprised and speechless.

Smart technology will create a smart society, cities will improve, and human energies can divert towards making more high-end innovations. Now, you are moving to your kitchen for bringing your food but a time will come when your food will automatically come to you from your kitchen.

11. Shifting to industrial IoT from the consumer:

2019 will bring a great storm of IoT transformation, and this news is fully confirmed. IoT-based robust consumer strategies will be developed for using the investments potentially.

You will find critical problems of agriculture, telecommunications, transportation and insurance getting resolved by using industrial IoT-based technology.

12. Strategizing of disaster management:

It is essential to prepare perfect disaster-management planning from the very beginning, but due to the lack of technical skill, it becomes very difficult in preparing the same. IoT has created a ray of hope where effective planning can be developed for managing risks in the best possible manner.

This can also reduce risk-management expenses as a result of which organizations can save huge amounts of money. Recently, IoT app development company are making tremendous efforts for framing the best IoT-based strategies for preventing critical risks.

13. Auto-ML bringing data-security:

Safe sharing of data is one of the key necessities of all organizations and technology will bring the same for entrepreneurs in the year 2019. Any companies believe that predictions by machine-learning models are quite reliable and they can help in preventing downtime on the basis of model outputs.

Technology will increase the availability of Auto-Ml toolsets. The training on machine-learning models will definitely include the reference and usage of these toolsets.

Data integration and extraction from histories create a huge transformation for performing machine learning including both edge and cloud-based learning.

14. Mitigation of risks:

Risks are part and parcel of human-life these days. Eliminating these risks will make human-life much safer.

Technology is trying to create such a world where there will be no trace of risks and humans will live happily and tension-free all the time. It is launching higher safety standards that can mitigate risks in the most effective manner.

Window sensors, pet cams, and other related devices will surely come for enhancing the security grade. If life becomes secure, then you will not worry about accidents and their disastrous consequences.


IoT will bring a new era of edge-computing and it a promise from artificial intelligence app developers of recent times. It will create a perfectly unified structure that will organize all sections or segments of an enterprise for inviting a healthy administration.

Decentralization will come with the integration of IoT with Blockchain. Blockchain helps in secure transactions.

Consequently, IoT will also develop different improved data-collection devices for receiving and storing data from varied sources. These devices will automatically update the data from time to time without any manual alteration.

Blockchain will bring useful backend with the power of IoT.

Moreover, companies that are currently struggling with tough situations due to insecurity and fragmentation will get significant relief from technological advancement. On the other hand, both security and management costs of business will get reduced.

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