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The best tips to make infallible on-boarding plan for IoT apps

Although app stores of two OSes in fashion have become oceans in themselves by hosting millions of apps, businesses investing in mobile application development projects do not have easy ways to reach success. But, in spite of that, when audience discovers an app, it would fail if it does not live up to their expectations.

Many app developers and startups investing in apps have experienced the bitter taste of not being successful even after trying every single ‘trick and tip to make an app successful on stores’ available in the market.


What else do they need to do? What they have been missing? What strategy do they need to go with?

Let me reveal it now.  It is nothing but simply the on-boarding; the moment when a user launches an app after installing it in their devices! But it’s never easy to make an on-boarding plan that will really make a difference; particularly if it’s an app for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Retention of apps has always been an issue for app developers and, the same continues with IoT app developers Make an Inquiry about this news too.

23 percent of all users uninstall an app after the first use. It applies on the all sorts of apps including the apps for IoT devices.

But the on-boarding for IoT apps differs from the regular apps and, that’s what this article focuses on.


IoT apps are different. They have a physical product tied to them which brings in a new set of difficulties when it comes to the on-boarding of the apps. Developers need to recognize a fresh set of pain-points for the customers growing out from physical products. 

Here are they:


  • Packaging:  No one likes to go with a lengthier process of opening a package that leaves behind a lot of waste and then lets them reach the product they want. This applies to a mobile app too.
  • Instruction manuals:Users do not also like instruction manuals. When an app is provided with the instruction manual, users are often seen to avoid it and set the app on their own. Of course, it frustrates them.
  • Syncing:  Because IoT devices need to connect with the devices like smartphone or PC via the internet, Bluetooth or any other latest technology, it brings in an additional set of responsibility; particularly to those who have limited interaction with wireless technology.

Fundamentally, IoT apps are associated with two types of challenges: product and app.  This is why it turns out to be more important to create a solid on-boarding plan. Here are the tips to do that.


Bring the app in market with proper instructions

When including the instructions, let them be clear on how customers can download the app just by using a simple link to your website. When clicking on the link, the page should automatically detect the type of devices consumers are opening the page from and, then the page should forward them to appropriate app store.

Social logins

People are neither interested in applying for recovering the lost password or nor do they want to remember them. The simple way is your let the app be logged in using social accounts. Most of the people around the world do use social networks on their mobile devices and, they have dedicated apps for it. If the IoT app uses social login, users would never need to remember a password.

Highlight the Benefits of your app

Your app should speak about its benefits right from the beginning. You may also create some walk-through tutorials highlighting each of the features one by one. You can create slide shows and arrows and symbols to make audience easily and better understand this.

Include Video Tutorials

On-boarding can be made much simpler when you attach a small tutorial video to the app. Written text may be boring but videos are interactive; they immediately bind audience and let them learn.

Show Tutorial Progress

People to not want to go through a long tutorial but if you let them know how much they have learned and, how much it’s remaining then they are happy to go with. Let them know the progress of the tutorial.

Other tips include quick access to support so that customer can easily find solutions to the problem they are  facing, gamification so the customer can be encouraged for the longer engagement, and push notifications to regularly providing information.

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