Internet of things Press Release

Want to reduce your bandwidth costs?

Turbosoft Networks are proud to show off our latest version of NetScope that has detailed traffic information on every single application over your Internet link. With NetScope you will gain full control over your Internet traffic, with per second real-time visibility and historical analysis of VoIP, Skype, Email, websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and infinitely more.

True Internet Visibility
NetScope delivers unprecedented Internet traffic visibility and network traffic shaping which gives you control of your network behaviour. Monitor every single aspect of your network in real time with per second granularity. View your network traffic in graphical format as it is occurring. NetScope will show you a slow down as it is happening and also alert you to traffic congestion issues even while you are away from your network.

Zoom in or zoom out on any network traffic segment
Use your mouse to select an interesting section of traffic and find out what traffic types are running at that time (example, Skype, Email, Citrix, CRM) and then further zoom in on individual streams. Use this for historical analysis to find out what happened yesterday, last week or even last year.

Full Latency Visibility
See the speed, latency and data usage each individual protocol is using, such as Web, Skype, Email, File Transfers as well as websites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. This will give you unprecedented visibility of the latency of your Internet link.

Advanced Traffic Shaping Capabilities
Prioritise important traffic with NetScope’s traffic shaping. Reduce latency on your mission-critical applications, and decrease the spend on unnecessary traffic types such as video streaming and illegal downloads. This directly translates into savings on costly Internet bandwidth increases which you can measure in $100s - >$1000s per month.

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