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How Legal Smartphone Monitoring Apps Are Unknowingly Aiding Spying

American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute’s Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey demonstrates employee monitoring’s prevalence.

Since you are an employer, it comes with the responsibility of running a business and having people work under you that you pay attention to your employee activities and what they are up to. Apart from measuring productivity and usage of resources, employers have taken a grave approach towards data leaks and thefts that have jumped in the last couple of years.

To some, monitoring the employees’ computer/cellphone usage at the workplace may seem controversial, but stats reveal that the companies monitoring their employees reported a 30% boost on productivity in the first month. Studies  have found that employees tend to waste as much as 8 hours a week doing non-work tasks such as online shopping, surfing the internet, using messaging apps on phone, or playing games. This has led employers to resort to using smartphone monitoring apps, like Xnspy, for efficient employee monitoring. This app uses different smart features to record calls, text messages, monitor emails, and locations to know about employee activities and correspondence during work hours. This lets the employer stay on top of any activities that might harm the business and put security at risk.

Most of the employers  particularly focus on monitoring emails to ensure that workers’ are not involved in unethical activities or leaking sensitive or confidential data.

And these apps make sure that you get accurate data, and if need be, take the necessary course of action.

The legality of Employee Monitoring 

Is it legal? Yes, any employer can monitor the activities of their employees in the workplace because, in essence, the devices and equipment employees use at work at the employers’ property. So, if employees are using company-owned phones and devices, it is pretty much a given that their activities are going to be monitored. But since transparency is crucial in the workplace, experts suggest that employees should be informed about the monitoring measures that are going to be practiced in the workplace. Employers should make sure that there is no ambiguity regarding how the company is going to monitor the employees.

Using legal monitoring apps for monitoring employees has become a popular means to watch and monitor employee activities. Xnspy smartphone monitoring app offers a wide range of features that allows the employers to monitor all text messages, calls, emails, multimedia, social media activities, locations, and a lot more.

Monitoring employees involves installing the apps on company-owned phones and computers. It is now a common trend in most companies to provide employees with phones for work-related tasks. You can install the app on the phones before handing them to the employees. You can ensure transparency by bringing them into the loop, so they are careful.

Since the Xnspy smartphone spying app works fairly well on both Android and iOS, compatibility isn’t an issue. Employers could benefit from a variety of advanced features such as live screenshots, surround recording, and GPS location tracking in real-time that come in handy when companies have a remote workforce or are skeptical of an employee in the office. These features let the employer get some solid proof in hand. The last few years have seen a jump in smart monitoring apps for keeping an eye on employees in the wake of rampant data leaks and information breaches.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits this mode of monitoring brings along with it:

Boost Motivation & Productivity

Time tracking is one of the main reasons for using phone monitoring apps. A large number of companies carry the bulk of their communication and other operations via cell phones. With the plethora of distracting social media apps and games, employees tend to waste a lot of time daily.

Using monitoring apps not only let employers measure the productive hours and give incentives and bonus, but the knowledge that your activities are getting monitored makes the employee motivated and productive towards their job.

Effective Resource Allocation and Planning

No one can improve what they cannot measure. If you are an employer and wish to optimize your workflow, you need to know how much time and human resources need to work for completion for each task. Using employee monitoring and time tracking tools help with estimating both the costs and deadlines of your future projects.

Ideal for Remote Employee Management

By 2022 , 60% of the work population is going to be working remotely. Using employee monitoring and performance tracking tools is going to make it a lot easier to monitor and manage remote workers eliminating the need for weekly and daily reports to follow the progress of tasks and projects.

The Risks – Smartphone monitoring apps could assist spying

Like anything, there are some drawbacks to employee monitoring, such as employees feeling their privacy violated or the methods used for monitoring intrusive. In some cases, monitoring also leads to resentment and indicate towards lack of trust. And it is highly likely that the line between work and home gets blurred as some places allow BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This creates confusion as employees use the same device for personal and professional work.

Monitoring apps lead to a large collection of data, there is the risk of it getting in the wrong hands. The threat of corporate espionage is real, and although using these apps facilitate employers in many ways, it becomes difficult to manage all the data single-handedly. And in case you bring more people into the team, you never know what they could do with so much information.

Also, if you are not directly overlooking the employee monitoring activities, there is always a risk.

Since these apps work silently in the background and hidden from the phone user, there could be a mole in your office who could be using smartphone monitoring apps to listen and record conversations to get hold of sensitive information or get access to data. Although these apps were designed to lessen the cost and time of employers spent on monitoring equipment such as cameras but anyone with ill intentions or hackers could use these apps to fulfill their criminal activities. Modern employee monitoring apps come with stealth and advanced features, if gotten into the wrong hands could cater to corporate espionage and put the business at risk.

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