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Latest GoodFirms Research Unfolds the Usage and Buying Trends in Smart Home Devices - 2020

GoodFirms introduces the consumers usage and buying habits of smart devices through this profound study.


Washington DC, 30 June 2020--These days, 40% of people have already invested in smart home devices like voice assistants, home security, healthcare, smartwatches, wearable things, and much more. This emerging technology is snowballing and attracting consumers to shape their future that's energy-efficient, and making lives more comfortable and more convenient.

The Top Internet of Things (IoT) Development Companies play a considerable role in developing such unusual and unique devices, consumer-based solutions.

Here GoodFirms has released the latest research on Usage and Buying Trends in Smart Home. It has revealed three types of home automation devices that people are seeking out for.

47.50% of patrons are willing to adopt smart devices that can be controlled centrally and learn users' actions. About 35.83% of them are looking for connected devices that can be controlled remotely, and 16.

67% of them want automated devices that can be instructed for specific actions.

Apart from this, in this study, it has unlocked what kind of control system for smart home devices people prefer, the number of connected devices owned by individuals, what age groups that hold more than six smart devices. This survey has also unveiled which smart home products are the most popular and intelligent devices people are planning to invest in.

Here the most known smart home devices brands are highlighted that are Nest, Amazon, Philips hue, Samsung, Ring, Ecobee, and Kasa. Go through this research to get great insights into smart devices.

GoodFirms surveyed with the help of 350+ people to disclose how people use smart devices for home and what factors motivate them to buy such devices. The participants belong to several geographies such as the United States (27.50%), the United Kingdom (20.83%), Australia (13.33%), Canada (10.83%), India (10.00%), Ukraine (5.00%), among others (17.50%).

The people who participated in the survey were asked several questions like what kind of smart device they own to make their homes smarter. Which are the home devices they value the most, and which one of them they own? They were also asked if they are planning to buy other devices to reveal the trend in their buying habits.

Moreover, they were asked about the reasons for and barriers to purchasing connected devices for their homes to know user preferences and pain points.

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