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Expert Jason Hope Comments on Smart Make-up - Marketing Discusses L'Oreal's Venture into the Internet of Things

L'Oreal recently discussed its foray into "connected" make-up with Marketing Magazine. While details were scarce, the magazine and Jason Hope theorized about what these changes could mean for the future of the makeup industry.

Marketing Magazine has reported on the reality of connected technology coming to the makeup industry, with L'Oreal exploring the idea of "smart" make-up and other connectivity using the Internet of Things. Jason Hope wonders about the benefit of such technology, but believes the possibility to make makeup "smarter" is available through the Internet of Things.

According to the September 16 article entitled "Connected mascara? L'Oreal explores the Internet of Things," the makeup giant is exploring the idea of making "smart make-up." While author @ShonaGhosh was not able to get specific details about the exact plans, the article did say that L'Oreal was looking closely at ways to leverage the Internet of Things into its marketing tactics.

"This makes sense," says Jason Hope. "With cosmetics, you have something that a woman carries around in her purse, everywhere she goes. In many ways, make-up is almost as connected to the person as her phone might be. Finding a way to use the Internet of Things with make-up could greatly improve marketing for cosmetics companies like L'Oreal."

L'Oreal is not adding connected technology to the actual makeup itself, but rumor has it that the cosmetics firm is looking for ways to add it to the makeup containers and packaging to allow the company to better track product use and location of customers. It is also dabbling in its mobile platform to ensure customers are making the most use out of L'Oreal products, and to promote a better connection with the customer and the company.

Yet research into using make-up as a connected device is underway.

"Could connected make-up really be on the horizon?" asks Hope. "It seems so. What that product will do for the consumer, on the other hand, remains to be seen. If L'Oreal can perfect this technology, it stands to reason that the cosmetic company will benefit from the data it collects."

According to the article, connecting products to the internet of Things is a way for marketers to keep conversations going with customers. This, in turn, can lead to more sales, which is the ultimate goal of any retail-based company.

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