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The best tips to make infallible on-boarding plan for IoT apps

Although app stores of two OSes in fashion have become oceans in themselves by hosting millions of apps, businesses investing in mobile application development projects do not have easy ways to reach success. But, in spite of that, when audience discovers an app, it would fail if it does not live up to their expectations.

Many app developers and startups investing in apps have experienced the bitter taste of not being successful even after trying every single ‘trick and tip to make an app successful on stores’ available in the market.


What else do they need to do? What they have been missing? What strategy do they need to go with?

Let me reveal it now.  It is nothing but simply the on-boarding; the moment when a user launches an app after installing it in their devices! But it’s never easy to make an on-boarding plan that will really make a difference; particularly if it’s an app for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Retention of apps has always been an issue for app developers and, the same continues with IoT app developers Make an Inquiry about this news too.