Conference puts the focus on improving aged care

Information technology is transforming aged care. For example, systems that intelligently monitor behaviour patterns and raise an alarm only when they detect an anomaly can provide security without compromising privacy, enabling old people with infirmities to remain in their own homes longer.

Smart Hospitality is Servicing High IPTV Growth

The hospitality sector is emerging as one of the biggest drivers for IPTV growth over the next 5 years. New data from Orion Research has found that the outlook for video on demand in the hospitality market will be driven by IPTV solutions and dominate the video on demand usage from 2016 to 2021.

Aged Care sector sets the pace for Advanced Tech-ITAC

CBT836 Aged Care Sector Sets the Pace for Advanced Tech ITAC

Advanced technology is being implemented in the aged care sector in ways that are re-designing health and assisted living. The annual ITAC conference, being held in Adelaide on the 21st and 22nd of November will be exploring the theme Co-Designing our Digital Future which emphasises the importance of assistive technology supporting service quality and independence.