IPTV growth set to boom in next three years across Asia Pacific, thanks to Netflix

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Australia’s premium OTT market is poised for massive growth in the next three years, with Netflix emerging as the dominant player, according to a new report by MTM.

MTM forecasts that Australia’s OTT market will grow from around US$85 million in 2015 to $230 million in 2019. Australia’s neighbours Indonesia will grow in the same time frame from $7 million to $40 million  and Thailand from $8 million to $45 million.  While local service providers will be the core players in Indonesia and Thailand, Netflix will take the biggest market share in Australia.

The report states that the regional presence of Netflix will drive OTT market expansion, however “consumers will struggle with the US streaming giant’s one-size-fits-all offering,” said researchers.

MTT researchers added, “the next 12 to 24 months will function less as a test of whether or not premium OTT will take off, but more as a measure of how it will penetrate popular appetites. Among the creative and flexible approaches to generating reliable revenue, service providers will need platforms that can accommodate a range of content delivery and payment preferences”.

Meanwhile researchers Point Topic, have found that global IPTV subscriptions had smashed the 130 million barrier with quarterly net additions of six million, the highest in the last 24 months. 

Regionally, the research revealed that the IPTV market was boosted largely by high-speed broadband rollouts, which saw 3.7 million new IPTV subscribers sign up in Q4 2015.

Spain, Brazil and Turkey had high growth recording quarterly growth in double digits. Quarterly growth rates were found to have risen in all regions except North America, where the change in technology focus of such large providers as AT&T had a significant impact.

A leading trend in the report was detected in that the high quarterly growth of the global IPTV customer base increased the proportion of fixed broadband subscribers who also take an IPTV service, generally from their broadband operator.  IPTV subscribers continue to grow faster than fixed broadband in percentage terms.


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