LCD Displays set for Market Shake-up

CBT708 LCD Displays set for Market Shake up

The competitive LCD display market continues to take a few twists with dominant player Samsung securing a deal with LG Display Co. to supply television screen units.

LG Display, is already a major supplier of panels to Apple. The deal is still yet to be finalised but speculation suggests that the LG Display deal will replace the deal between Sharp Corp. and Foxconn Technology Group. It is understood that LG will supply as many as 3 million LCD panels to Samsung this year.

Sakai Display Products Corp, which is controlled by Sharp and Foxconn, has announced that it will cut back supply of LCD screens to other TV makers.

The Sakai deal has delivered over 4 million large TV panels annually to Samsung. Foxconn subsidiary Sharp will no longer be supplying LCD panels to Samsung Electronics starting in 2017, according to a report from The Japan Times.

The changes revolve around Sharp intending to shift supply of its products manufactured by Sakai Display in Osaka that is jointly operated by Foxconn and Sharp, to reduce any impact on their businesses, the report claims.

The spin off effect off this is that a complete halt of LCD supplies from Sharp will create a supply shortage of 4 million panels per year for Samsung.

Should TV panel shipments decline during first half of 2017, revenue figures might not reach estimations, which might cause Sharp to increase shipment volumes during second half of the year to stimulate revenue, which could cause market prices to crash.

Finding a good commercial TV panel is also a challenge, but CombiTel has been successful with integration of their Omniscreen software with a number of TV manurfacturers. Last year this Australian enterprise IPTV application specialist has become a part of the global Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP).

SEAP includes almost 1,000 global partners from small to large and offers a range of benefits including the opportunity to integrate partner technology into Samsung commercial hospitality displays.

For CombiTel MD Eugene Razbash the opportunity to work with Samsung at this critical development level is a breakthrough opportunity. “We are very fortunate to be part of the Samsung B2B development programme. 

The partnership will open many doors for us and allowing us to integrate our Australian developed technology into the Samsung commercial hospitality display units is a significant coup,” he said.

The Omniscreen Pilot, enterprise TV application server is suited for many enterprise applications including hospitality, education, aged care and government. 


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