Security in the modern ‘smart home’

CBT709a Security in the modern smart home

Recent revelations from WikiLeaks which featured allegations that the CIA had developed methods to listen in on smartphone and smart TV microphones sent shock waves, not only to consumers, but the entire technology industry.

The rise of the IoT (Internet of Things) has always come pre-loaded with a strong vigilance for consumer security. The WikiLeaks allegations brought this new ecosystem of high end, reactive technology into light on the security front.

Video solutions security firm Verimatrix is focussed on finding solutions to the security issues that confounding the ‘smart home’ and IoT.  

A report commissioned by Verimatrix from ABI Research sates that “security in IoT products and services cannot be ignored any longer.

In the pantheon of device types that comprise IoT, no one category is immune from malware threats and security issues.  Most importantly, the opportunities for malware attacks and disruptions will only increase as the IoT connections expand from the 10s of billions to the 100s of billions and even trillions.”

Verimatrix and Australian distributor CombiTel are addressing these all-encompassing security challenge with solutions that take all aspects into account.

CombiTel MD Eugene Razbash said, “Smart Home devices may become embedded in our lives and Combitel is leveraging its pay-TV expertise by working with Digital Rights Management (DRM) vendors to develop secure turnkey IoT solutions.”

He added that due to large amounts of money at stake security suppliers to Hollywood studios are now way ahead of traditional device security solutions. “These vendors are now applying their software and algorithms to secure smart home devices and other IoT components alike,” he said.

Verimatrix advice that ensuring security begins with the integrity of the end-point device, and determining whether it is running software that’s not been tampered with. Also ensuring that updating that software in a secure fashion is possible is essential as is determining whether the communication path from that device is secured in a way that prevents snooping and/or intercepting and perverting the data.

“For both IoT suppliers and end-users, overwhelmingly the “IoT plumbing”—from edge device through to the cloud—is where the connected solution is considered the most vulnerable,” the Verimatrix report adds.

As Verimatrix have worked extensively in the video and OTT sector they are particularly well-equipped to advise and support companies that want to operate in the IoT space, for instance the energy utilities.

They believe that what is needed is aproven infrastructure for deployment of secure solutions; a developed partner eco-system; and a focus on security from a technology and service standpoint.


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