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The quality of service provided by aged care facilities has a direct correlation to the level of investment made in technology, according to research from Professor Greg Alexander delivered at the Information Technology in Aged Care Conference (ITAC).

“My previous studies in the US had similar findings indicating that there is a direct relationship between increasing IT sophistication in aged care facilities and the quality of care that they provide,” said Professor Alexander speaking at Australia’s ITAC at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The theme of the conference, Navigating the Future, explored the importance of information technology in establishing a sustainable, quality focused aged care environment.

The use of information technology and emerging technologies is beginning to play a large role in the effort to provide a higher quality of care in residential care facilities in Australia, according to early findings of an international study.Professor Alexander, a visiting professor to Macquarie University from the University of Missouri, undertook research surveying 155 Australian aged care facilities.

The study found that when a facility has more IT capabilities, extent of use, and integration, quality measures are influenced by these resources.

Australian aged care technology provider CombiTel showcased its Omniscreen Aged Care Solution. The Omniscreen Pilot software enables a complete range of IPTV and Digital Signage services. Aged care facilities integrate new technology applications easily with Omniscreen.

The IPTV solution has been successfully deployed as the primary engagement and TV entertainment system for many aged care facilities across Australia. This purpose-built solution,  facilitates the delivery of many important services in an aged care facility. These include digital information streams such as resident and visitor information, announcements, activities, weather, dining menu, location and other adaptive applications.  The solution also facilitates entertainment options, social media engagement and advanced media aids for treatment programs.

CombiTel MD Eugene Razbash agreed with the research findings stating that the Omniscreen Aged Care solution has shown dramatic enhancements in patient care and quality of experience at the deployment client sites.

“The aged care community is embracing the need for these technology solutions to drive greater patient care and community engagement in addition to being the first steps in deploying more sophisticated applications that can monitor, coach and develop patient wellbeing.”


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