Smart tech for hospitality books in for NoVacancy Expo

CBT825 Smart tech for hospitality books in for NoVacancy Expo

Technology innovation has secured its long-term residency in the accommodation sector with leading disrupters in hospitality IPTV and technology featured at NoVacancy, Australia’s new accommodation business conference.

The conference and exhibition being held in Sydney in July (17 - 18) specialises in all aspects of running a competitive accommodation business and focussing on how to modernise and optimise a property, enhance the guest experiences and maximise profits.

Competition in the Australian hospitality sector from luxury hotels through to student accommodation is at a premium with the key differentiator being customer experience, which is enhanced by smart technology systems.

Smart hospitality allows hotels to enhance their guest experience and increase revenue with digital in-room entertainment systems such as HD free-to-guest channels, Interactive TV, IPTV services and Wi-Fi for hotels. When it comes to the construction of these next-generation hotels, however, an important but unseen smart revolution is taking place in the building process itself.

A recent report positioned the smart hospitality market size to grow from US$5.74 Billion in 2016 to US$19.11 Billion by 2022.  The major drivers for the surge in demand for smart hospitality systems include growing demand for Interactive TV, real-time optimized guest experience management, low operational costs, and increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and energy management systems.

The global market for smart hospitality is poised to witness tremendous growth during the respective forecast period. The facets driving the growth of the market include a rise in the demand for software and services related to smart hospitality and a mounting requirement for real-time optimized guest experience management system.

The NoVacancy conference tackles these issues via a focus on innovation, technology, style and design in addition to over 170 suppliers showcasing the latest innovations.

Technology is covered through a series of panels featuring leading technology, solutions providers and futurists. Topics to be covered include Hospitality 2030: The Future of innovation in hospitality; Using data to improve business decisions; Blockchain and hotels. 

The NoVacancy expo is on at Darling Harbour across the 17th and 18th of July.


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