Australian IPTV innovation for correctional facilities gets global platform


Technology for correctional facilities is a significant area of development globally, as governments integrate their digital transformation strategies and reforms. However, for facilities such as prisons, the digital transformation path faces obstacles and many challenges in implementing the right solutions and introducing new technologies is still a balancing act to increase efficiency and also focusing on rehabilitation.

Australian IPTV solutions provider CombiTel has been leading the way in innovation for this sector and will be delivering their findings at the 2019 Global Corrections Digital Technology Conferences, in Lisbon, Portugal.

CombiTel group founder Eugene Razbash will canvas technology integration in juvenile correctional facilities in his session on interactive TV and applications. CombiTel has engaged with international corrections industry since 2014. The Australian developed Omniscreen Pilot software has already been successfully implemented in Australia and overseas to provide TV services as well as complete inmate digital services solutions.

The annual  Global Corrections Digital Technology Conference is hosted by the Directorate-General of Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRSP) and held on the 2-4 April.

In its third year, the conference dedicated to the use of technology in corrections with the theme: Digital Transformation, is organised by the European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services (EuroPris) in cooperation with the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA).

The conference aims to tackle the issues around the speed of technology development which makes it difficult for researchers and correctional experts to evaluate, analyse and develop evidence-based practices. It will also foster and showcase the benefits of collaboration between different sectors, disciplines to create workable cutting edge solutions.  

CombiTel  MD Eugene Razbash said, “this conference is pivotal in helping government’s internationally to learn from the experience an innovation from other sectors and countries. It is a unique opportunity to bring correctional practitioners, technology providers and academics in one place to discuss the next evolution of digital solutions to meet the changing demands of this critical sector.”

For more information please contact Hugh Keenan, Marketing Co-ordinator, CombiTel Group, Tel (03) 8676 5300 or something to that effect as applicable". We won't offer any slides to the global audience.

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