VideoFlow partners with CombiTel for Aus/NZ solutions


Australian IPTV solutions provider CombiTel has partnered with leading European video and broadband technologist Teleste.

CombiTel is distributing the latest Teleste Luminato headend which is part of an integrated product and service portfolio servicing the next generation of networked society across a range of industries and applications.  The Teleste Luminato Professional Modular Headend is a complete modular platform for carrier-grade CATV and IPTV headends and is specialised for cable TV, IPTV and OTT.

Teleste brings television and broadband services to client’s homes, help secure their safety in public places and guide their use of public transport.

This month, Teleste secured a significant contract with the Swedish public transport operator to provide smart display technologies which are designed to deliver dynamic information across public transport for passengers travelling by metro, buses, commuter trains and local trains.

The solutions include a 55-inch touch screen information pillar for delivering travel planner services and weather information as well as platform and multiline displays with integrated diagnostics. 

Teleste observes that in Europe demand for broadband services by cable operators continues to grow with household broadband services estimated to grow by 30-40 per cent a year. European cable operators have been able to competitively respond to the increasing demand by investing in DOCSIS 3.1 standard-compliant 1.2 GHz frequency range network upgrades. 

Teleste’s main market is Europe but aims to expand its business globally,  particularly in North America. Teleste's customers include cable operators, public transport operators, rolling stock manufacturers and specified organisations in the public sector.

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