OmniScreen guest room TV solution


Guest room TV solutions enable hotel visitors to interact with a wide verity of media services. Including, live TV, radio and situation-specific information, such as what’s happening today or what's on the menu in the hotel’s restaurant.

Australian IPTV experts Combitel offer just such a solution that they call Omniscreen Pilot. Combitel is a software integration firm that works with a wide variety of organisations to meet their custom TV and digital signage needs. Their solution, Omniscreen Pilot has been installed in situations as diverse as aged care, prisons and even a naval battleship. 

As well as giving users access to content such as movies, live TV, Chromecast, USB media and radio.

Omniscreen lets the organisation take charge of their content giving the users easy access to unique information via their TVs. 

Omniscreen is fully customisable depending on the situation. For example, when a hotel guest arrives at the room, they are greeted by a custom welcome screen. The welcome can include relevant information, such as the local weather forecasts or general information about the hotel and significant features of the location. 

An example of how Omniscreen blends with a businesses core activity is the unique dining menu function. This feature lets the hotel's restaurant chef or administrator access the system and update what is on the menu or make a change to the specials for the evening. All via the easy to use backend.

Omniscreen is excellent at giving answers to the most common questions guests might have. Where is the pool? Local taxi number? How can I rent a car? All of this information can easily be added and updated by the hotel as needed. 

Custom content can be scheduled to appear at a specific time or date. For example, the breakfast menu can feature on the welcome screen in the morning and the gym in the afternoon. 

If you would like to find out more about how Combitel can help your organisation get the best IPTV solution, make contact with them via their website at www.combitel.com.au.

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