Why is it crucial to learn Hadoop?

If you want to educate yourself more about how to use Hadoop and make the most out of it you should enroll yourself in one of the many big data Hadoop courses available online.

Mastering Change Management

CSUT524 Mastering Change Management
Not many people like change, we like our routines and stability, they make us feel secure and enable us to plan ahead. Most people see change as a negative and it takes a real shift in thinking to see the positive. When change is proposed you can almost hear the collective groan, “if it ain’t broke why fix it?”

Business Leaders - Intimidate or Empower?

CSUB522 Intimidate or Empower
The answer to that question is very easy – do not intimidate! Intimidation is the weapon of bullies and bullying in the workplace or anywhere, is totally unacceptable.

Why shouldn't the CIO focus on IT Projects?

CSUT532 Why shouldn t the CIO focus on IT Projects
When someone achieves the role of CIO, it usually represents many years of study, many years’ experience in the industry and the acquisition of specific skills. This experience must be used in the most effective manner. Focused on technology.

Collaboration or Clear Out

CSUB521 Collaboration or Clear Out
In order to get ahead, to succeed, you need to collaborate with someone, with others. The original thought was a sole trader can work on their own but they can’t, they need to network, to apply for work and they have customers.

Selling the Running of IT

Selling the Running of IT

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, it was possible for just a handful of people to run all things IT. Anyone under thirty just rolled their eyes! However this is fact, not a fairy story.

The Financially Sound CIO

CSUB530 Financially Sound CIO

Another hat for the CIO to wear or is it already part of the job description?

What is the “I” in CIO?

What is the I in CIO
A curious paradox. We live in a time when one person can no longer be “all things to all men”, and it is generally necessary to specialise to be proficient and efficient but apparently the CIO must wear many hats to survive.

The marriage of CIO and CMO

CSUB517 The marriage of CIO CMO
Every marriage has its ups and downs, even the really long lasting, stable unions, if a marriage doesn’t have highs and lows, perhaps the couple just don’t really care. So if, as many suggest, the CIO and CMO don’t see eye to eye all the time is that really a bad thing? It could be they do care a great deal about their role and its effect on the business.

The Digital Enterprise CIO - Digital Darwinism is upon us

CSUB519 The Digital Enterprise CIO
From mainframe to mini-computer to desktop to personal computing, from legacy to UNIX, Beta versus VHS to CD – when companies did not see the changes coming they disappeared and there are many more examples.

Stars of the C-Suite

CSUT452 Stars of the C Suite
It is the “Revenge of the Nerds”, making it onto the executive floor and influencing the organisational direction.

Do you have Type 1 or Type 2 IT?

csub451 do you have type 1 or type 2 it
Are you Type 1 - traditional IT or Type 2 - agile IT? Is it possible to be both traditional and agile? After all tradition is a concept which has been around for a very long time, the word has its origins in the 1300’s and traditions everywhere have survived. Tradition is synonymous with “tried and true”, so if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

CIO Insight - People or Processes?

CSUT444 Peopleor Processes
Why not both? Processes are important, they are way of measuring output, success or failure and a guide to what needs to be done.

The Dream IT Department

CSUB449 The Dream IT Department
One can look at this topic two ways – as a CEO considering the IT Department or the IT Manager with a wish list. There could be similar aspects and there probably are quite diverse aspects to their ideal.

The CIO Crystal Ball

bitb450 cloud myth busting
Before looking forward, let’s look back. In January CIO.com published the results of their annual survey, “The State of the CIO” with 558 IT chiefs contributing their opinions.

The Information Leader

csut448 the information leader
Big data, data mining, data analytics, it is all about data and handled correctly data becomes information. But who is responsible and has the means to turn data into information? It isn’t the CEO, CMO or CFO, it is the CIO, the IT Manager.