The marriage of CIO and CMO

CSUB517 The marriage of CIO CMO
Every marriage has its ups and downs, even the really long lasting, stable unions, if a marriage doesn’t have highs and lows, perhaps the couple just don’t really care. So if, as many suggest, the CIO and CMO don’t see eye to eye all the time is that really a bad thing? It could be they do care a great deal about their role and its effect on the business.

A study by, EPAM Systems and the CMO Club, “The CIO-CMO Omnichannel” surveyed more than 400 CIOs and CMOs in one-on-one interviews to get an understanding of how they work together.  Among the findings are - they don’t speak the same language, disagree about the technology budget and a struggle over who has ownership of mobile apps.

Communication without any communication you have a disaster, without effective communication you can also have a disaster, so the key is effective communication, a worthwhile exchange and the ability to listen as well as speak. 

Listening is probably the most important aspect.  Don’t just hear a conversation, really tune in.
One of the problems identified in the Omnichannel study was the difference in some words used by either the CIO or CMO such as platform – to the CIO this is a preconfigured set of software tools with the ability to interface with enterprise systems, to the CMO it is a complete system for supporting a particular need, which may or may not interface with enterprise systems.  There is some synergy there.

Agile is another word which can be misconstrued, a CIO uses this to mean a development methodology which is flexible.  Actually agile can even be misunderstood amongst the technology minded. 

For the CMO being agile is the ability to change direction and move rapidly along with market changes.  For most mere mortals, agile means lively and well-coordinated, so it isn’t just a misunderstanding between CIO and CMO.

Regardless of the words and who hears what, the important issue here is leaving the jargon behind, think of who you are speaking with and use “common” language.

The battle of the budget is not just confined to ... continue reading: "The Marriage of CIO and CMO"


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CSUB517 The marriage of CIO CMO
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