RMIT Online and Telstra join forces to develop skills for the future

RMIT Online and Telstra have co-designed a new micro-credential, contributing to the education provider’s growing online portfolio of Future Skills programs. The program, Software Defined Networking, is part of Telstra’s $25 million investment in training to give staff the skills they need to succeed in the future.

Demand for DevOps professionals to be met with new short course

RMIT Online has announced the launch of the newest offering to its Future Skills online portfolio, DevOps, developed in partnership with Thoughtworks and DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). The industry-built short course is launching to meet the exponential growth in the DevOps sector, valued at USD $2.77B in 2016, and forecasted for further expansion at a rate of 18.6 per cent over the next five years.

IT departments will struggle to meet demand for mobile apps

csu532 it departments will struggle to meet demand for mobile appsA survey undertaken by 452 Research suggests that enterprises increasingly expect their IT departments to carry the bulk of the workload developing bespoke mobile applications, and that they will have difficulty doing so.

In praise of agile

csu531 in praise of agile
According to Gartner, CIOs are increasingly turning to agile software development methodologies to meet the demands of rapidly evolving digital businesses because traditional project and development methods are not sufficiently responsive. However, Gartner warns that successful adoption of agile will occur "only if the CIO and the entire IT management team are dedicated to the culture change that is necessary."

ICT job numbers rising; ICT graduate numbers falling

csu530 ict job numbers rising ict graduate numbers falling
A report from Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society (ACS) says there will be demand for 100,000 ICT workers over the next six years, but the number of graduates with ICT skills coming out of universities has declined significantly since 2000.

Which universities give you the best earning power?

Which universities?

You might expect that, on average, graduates from Australia’s longest established and most prestigious universities, the so-called ‘Group of 8’, go on to earn the highest salaries. After all, those universities attract the best and brightest, and their degrees are generally more highly regarded. But that’s not so, says HILDA, the annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey. And HILDA’s conclusions have created a storm of academic outrage.

Australia 10th in global higher education rankings

csu527 australia 10th in global higher education rankings
Australia has been ranked 10th out of 50 nations in an annual ranking of national systems of higher education conducted by Universitas, a global network of research universities. That’s one notch lower than last year.

Architect, design, analyse: key skills for the future IT worker

csu528 architect design analyse key skills for the future it worker
A leading Australian scientist says the the deeper technical skills most likely to be required in Australia’s digital future will be architecting, designing and analysing and will be in heavy demand to apply information technology to every business sector.

A Doctorate, when distance learning is the only option

csu431 430 a doctorate when distance learning is the only optionAmanda Cox believes that users should not have to bear responsibility for their own privacy protection when using social media. So she's studying for her Doctorate at Charles Sturt University into privacy mechanisms within social media, including the ethical use of social media; risks entailed with the implementation and use of social media, businesses' use of social media and the effect of social media on policymaking at an international level.

Big data a big deal for recruitment

Big future for big data in the cloud again
There seems to be no aspect of human activity to which the tools of data analytics, aka Big Data, cannot be applied. They are now finding traction in recruitment.

Free course in supercomputing at Charles Sturt

csu524 free course in supercomputing at charles sturt
IT Masters at Charles Sturt University in conjunction with Cloudcroft Supercomputers and supercomputer manufacturer SGI is offering a free online course on the programming and maintenance parallel systems that will give students real time access to one of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

Office of Teaching and Learning to be scrapped

csu525 office of teaching and learning to be scrapped
The Federal Government is planning to scrap the Office for Learning and Teaching and transfer its responsibilities to a new institute, as yet unnamed, that will “promote excellence in teaching and learning.” The move has been branded “a national disgrace.”

STEM skills won't be sufficient says BCG

csu523 stem skills won t be sufficient says bcg
There has been much emphasis placed on the need for Australia to produce more people possessing skills in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills to help Australia succeed as a 'knowledge economy but these are only foundation skills according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Where have all the IT baby boomers gone?

csu519 where have all the it baby boomers gone
Australia's baby boomers are, reportedly, retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day. For the IT industry this is a particular concern because many are skilled in legacy technologies such as Cobol programming that are still used extensively but which very few people are learning today.

STEM skilled job applicants not up to scratch

csu522 stem skilled job applicants not up to scratch
Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) underpin Australia’s potential to innovate and compete on the global stage, but when employers go looking for STEM-qualified staff those they find don’t meet their requirements.

Big data to stir up C-Suite strategies

csu515 big data to stir up c suite strategies
Most top executives at Fortune 2000 companies, surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, believe that big data analytics platform built natively on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark will revolutionise the way businesses operate. This is likely to significantly increase demand for people with the necessary skills.

Here comes the flipping CIO

csu518 here comes the flipping cio
IT industry research firm Gartner has some new advice and a new buzzword to describe the role of CIOs. They need to be ‘flipping’ CIOs. They must ‘flip’ their information, technology, value and people leadership practices in response to the disruptive forces that are turning their world upside down.

NFC based mobile payments tipped for 2015 take-off

csu507 nfc based mobile payments tipped for 2015 take off
Deloitte is tipping more than a tenfold increase in the number of smartphones being used to make contactless payments: from just 0.5 percent of NFC-equipped mobile phones in 2014 to five percent of global population of some 650 million NFC capable smartphones by the end of 2015.

Workplace of the future is anywhere

csu511 workplace of the future is anywhere
Activity-based working—the reorganisation of the workplace with the aim of enabling staff to be more productive and collaborate using shared workspaces in the office and external locations like home offices—is on the rise in Australia, according to a survey.