CSU researchers developing health monitoring via smartphone

Picture: Keith Wheeler

A research team led by Dr Tanveer Zia from Charles Sturt University’s School of Computing and Mathematics in Wagga Wagga is designing a health care monitoring system that will use tiny sensors on the patient to transmit data wirelessly to the patient’s smartphone or tablet. The data will then be transmitted over the mobile network to a secure cloud storage facility enabling health professionals and carers to access it regardless of their location.

Wanted: 8000 new ICT workers every year

A study into employment in the Australian information and communications technology (ICT) industry estimates that Australia will need an additional 33,000 ICT professionals by mid 2017 and that there will be insufficient skilled workers to meet this demand. Yet it says that graduates from ICT courses are having trouble finding work.

Reports of IT Departments’ death greatly exaggerated

Computerworld US recently carried an article headlined “IT departments won't exist in five years,” a statement backed up by quotes from attendees at a conference in San Francisco. However, plenty of others disagree with this view.

$3000 cyber security course for free

$3000-cyber-security-course-for-freeIT Masters and Charles Sturt University are offering, free, a six week online course designed to prepare students for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Security Certification that is comparable to other online courses that can cost up to $3800.

Gov’t spends $6.5m to get more school kids into IT

Gov-t-spends-$6.5m-to-get-more-school-kids-into-ITThe Federal Government has provided $6.5m, and industry will match this, to try and get more school students studying courses that will prepare them for careers in IT. The move is in response to a worrying trend of fewer students opting to study the ‘STEM’ subjects: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Wanted for 2020: IT pros with communications skills

Wanted-for-2020-IT-pros-with-communications-skillsIT professionals will need good communications skills just as much as good technical skills in the future as the nature of IT shifts under pressure from significant forces, according to a study conducted by wireless networking company Aruba.

Filling the big data skills gap


The growing importance of big data is leading to a significant shortage of skills in data analytics, and producing a number of initiatives aimed at filling the gap.

Now, you’ll be taxed to train yourself

In a weasel-worded press release federal treasurer Wayne (Scrooge) Swan has capped at $2000 the amount that Australians can spend on self-education and claim as a tax deduction.

MOOCs-ers flock to IT Masters

IT Masters MoocsCharles Sturt University’s IT Masters’ foray into MOOCs - massive open online courses - is paying off with over 2000 enrolments to date. IT Masters CEO, Martin Hale said that, in addition to being a recruiting vehicle for IT Masters’ main courses, the courses were “a great way to test what are the hot topics in the industry.

COBOL: 55 years old and in need of new blood

Cobal ProgrammingFor anyone entering IT today getting trained in COBOL might seem to make as much sense as getting trained in Windows XP. Far from it. COBOL, one of the world’s oldest programming languages, is alive and well and running a zillion critical applications in banking, finance and many other industries around the world.

Cybercriminals going after small businesses

Cyber Crime and small businessCybercriminals are devoting more attention to the ‘soft targets’ of small businesses as large organisations develop more sophisticated defences, says Internet security vendor Symantec.

New look IT Masters steps forward

An all new web site has been launched by IT Masters to promote their offerings of IT degrees and certification for IT professionals.

Accolade for Anna, project management student par excellence


Anna Handberg
Anna Handberg is a glutton for punishment. She’s just devoted 10-15 hours per week for the past two years gaining a Master in Project Management from Charles Sturt University’s IT Masters program. Now she’s embarked on a Master in Landscape Architecture.

Clouds on the IT career horizon

Your Future IT CareerIT professionals aren't worried about new technologies themselves, but they are concerned about what these mean for future career prospects, according to a survey undertaken by IT management software company SolarWinds.

Brisbane may be best for 2013 IT job prospects

Brisbane IT

Global recruitment company Robert Walters has published the Australian portion of its annual survey of the recruitment scene. Scrutinising what it says about IT job prospects in Australia's major capitals, it seems like Brisbane might be the best bet.