Create online academy: launches online teaching platform to enhance embedded teaching

The Beta version of Create Online Academy is now available online and it is open for both teachers and students as education platform.The teachers or educators can create their academy for free and promote their courses online. On the other hand the students can find the academy, browse for courses of their choice and enroll in the courses they need to take.

The E-Learning and E-Teaching Industry has taken a new turn in the past decade and rapidly evolving into one of the most preferred classroom environment in the globe, especially for working people, extra-learning students, hobbyists and others.

However, conducting a live lecture online attached with a complete module of learning management system with complete environment of an online entity is often challenged by numerous disintegrated web-based platforms. Apart from that creating a custom made online academy is not only time consuming and needs computer programming with Network management skills but is also equally astronomically expensive.

For that reason, Create Online Academy have developed an integrated learning management platform offered as Software as a Service, where anyone can get their own online academy website; with just a click.

The dreamer behind this concept - Anand Vardhan Tiwary is a First Class Marine Engineer, Maritime Blogger and a part time trainer of Marine Engineering.  Prashant R. Shah Architect of the Create Online Academy, is a computer engineer with 11+ years of experience in developing various cutting edge internet technologies.

He also heads his own software company VeerIT and strongly believes in the virtues of patience, innovation & recognizes the benefits they provide.

Create Online Academy: Provides Ten Reasons To Start Now:


   No knowledge of Computer Programming is Required and yet the teacher gets a separate online Academy with your Own URL and Design.

2.    They  get a ready-made e-teaching website backed with Learning Management System and Webinar functions with which they can conduct live classes online.

3.    They can take fool-proof tests and interviews without the need of an invigilator or additional support to ensure a true online test.

4.    The  e-teaching website will be available for online teaching from mobile and pads.(Responsive template)

5.    The Course will be consisting of ‘Sections’, ‘Lectures’ and ‘Quizzes’ where contents of any format can be very easily inserted by the teacher.

6.    They  can set mandatory reading time for your contents and also earn profit (CreateOnlineAcademy won’t charge commission for that) by selling those downloadable contents online in their own e-teaching platform, created by us.

7.    After creating the website CreateOnlineAcademy also guarantee full support (under judicial oath) to help you design the website, in case the teacher needs and that too without any extra cost.

8.    After they  get the website done by the system he/she can create unlimited number of courses and users comprising of any number of Sections and Lectures.

9.    E-teaching website will have PayPal integrated where the teachers can add their bank accounts and start earning from the online courses and classes.

10.  They  will get a Free One Month Trial.

Other useful details

1.    They may let other partner teachers to join their online academy and sell their courses at their own website. They may also configure for automatic payment to claim a share of their (partners’) total sale amount.

2.    The website will get periodically updated with new features without you having to apply for them.

3.    The will automatically get all the easy tools integrated for having an effective student- teacher interaction.

Upcoming updates

1.    Automatic social network integration of the online academy for easy sharing of the events, contents and marketing of their academy and courses.

2.    Forum functionality so the teacher  may configure a public forum inside the website for the students, visitors.

Educators can start their free trial by Signing Up on official website:

Create Online Academy provides e-teachers  with a ready-made e-teaching website with their own URL and the Design that they Desire. Packed with inbuilt systems like Learning Management System, Webinar function for conducting Live Classes, full-proof examinations, certification generator along with many other tools, our Solution will Give Teaching prowess the support that it deserves.

Moreover, your educational website will be hosted on Fast and Secured Servers and the features will get Upgraded without you having to worry about anything.

If the teacher has contents, ready to be delivered, they need not waste any more time but take a Free One Month Trial of this one-of-a-kind e-teaching platform. You can start generating money via student subscription from the first day itself, directly through the integrated online payment gateway (PayPal).

About Create Online Academy:

Create Online Academy is one-of-a-kind e-teaching website creator which provides an integrated learning management platform offered as Software as a Service, where anyone can get their own online academy website; with just a click.

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