World-Class pre school in Ashok Vihar Delhi

The Grammar School, one of the leading and World-class preschool in Ashok Vihar, north delhi is a offering elementary education for the age group students of north Delhi at affordable cost.

The Grammar School, one of the best play school in ashok vihar Make an Inquiry about this news, north delhi is a deciated playschool founded by a voluntary organization comprising of eminent educationists. It was founded in the year 2006 and in a short span of 10 years is amongst one of the top schools of the city and by far the best play school in north delhi.

Early childhood today is recognized all over the world as an important input for the overall growth and development of a child. The Grammar School , by far the best play school in ashok vihar and best play school in north delhi is a living example of the same.

The concept of ECCE has been receiving more and more importance these days by one and all. There is however, a much required need for setting up good play schools in the country these days.

The Grammar School which started in 2006 has been dedicatedly working in this field of elementary education and in a short span come to know as one of the best play schools in ashok vihar , north delhi. The play school was launched with a firm conviction of providing world class preschool education to the children of the area.

The age group of 2.5 years is by far the most important and valuable period of a kids life. It is in this period that the important foundation for its better future can be laid.It is in this crucial period that habits picked up have a long lasting impact on a childs life.

The Grammar School, by far the best play school in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi is a good example of all this.

The school follows the Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum, where focus is on all the major domains of childs development. The Grammar School, not only focuses on the main domains but also, has an array of extra curricular activities in the school aswell.

It is by far the best play school in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi because of its continuous efforts and dedication towards the field. A childs natural curiousity for learning provides a natural environment for growth and learning.

The role of teacher at The Grammar School is to facilitate learning, give children freedom to express and make meaningful choices. Stage exposure plays a vital role in this regard.

Also, story telling sessions and show and tell activities provide a child the necessary confidence to showcase his/her abilities.

The Grammar School, is not only the best play school in ashok vihar, north delhi but aims to be one of the leading providers of early childhood education in the country. The School is closely associated with NCERT and gets regular guidance and supervision from the department.

Every year , the school organizes various events and functions, field trips , annual academic and sports functions . regular workshops and orientations which makes it the best play school in north delhi.

In the future the school aims on expanding its reach to other cities aswell by way of partnerships and franchises. 

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