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5 Easy Hacks To Minimize IT Helpdesk Overload

5 Easy Hacks To Minimize IT Helpdesk Overload

IT support is a mission-critical operation in most organizations. Computer system issues affecting users need to be sorted quickly and efficiently for any firm to maintain its reputation for service delivery. Running an efficient IT support center helps you serve your customers better and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

An IT helpdesk will only be effective if it isn’t overburdened with a ton of frivolous unresolved requests from users.

Computers become inefficient due to malware or a deviation from the baseline configuration. Faulty workstations impede workflow and ultimately causes support tickets to pile up.

Users contact the IT helpdesk for a number of reasons; People forget their passwords, computers develop hardware faults, software needs to be updated, new users are unfamiliar with how things work, and even when the internet gets slow.

These are the most common reasons users place a call to the helpdesk. A little too much and you’re overloaded with requests for assistance which ultimately leads to additional unnecessary expenditure for your organization.

Let’s reveal our 5 top hacks to help you minimize IT helpdesk overloads.

Provide your IT support staff ready-made answers to popular questions

Have a good look at your call logs or support tickets and identify the topics most of your users call about. Create a simple question/answer Wiki and ensure that your team can easily access it. Publish it on your intranet or make it into a simple program installed on every workstation.

Create a well written, user-friendly FAQ and publicize it

Users find calling IT helpdesk or raising tickets tedious too. If they know their queries can be quickly answered on an FAQ page, they will always opt for the quickest option and self-service is the simple answer.

Ensure that your FAQ is available everywhere and contains common solutions to problems that frequently occur. Make sure it is well-structured, well written, includes graphics, and is concise and to the point.

Users sometimes avoid written instructions and prefer the visual guidance approach. An alternative to a written FAQ is to use a screen capture software to create short videos that can guide users on how to perform system maintenance or procedural instructions.

Refresh your workstations with Reboot-to-Restore

Helpdesk staff is as productive as the tools they use. Instead of wasting precious time and money troubleshooting or reimaging systems, you can preserve and restore their baseline settings easily.

Reboot to Restore is a concept that takes your systems back to a pristine admin-defined configuration every time it is rebooted. The Reboot to restore Software eliminates the need to manually reimage or rebuild the systems and you can easily apply it to all the workstations on your network. With this tool, your helpdesk can function optimally and you can eliminate many of the issues that plague IT systems with ease.

Educate your users

You can save valuable resources by educating users about the discipline expected while accessing their workstations and on common IT problems and how to fix them. By empowering them with this knowledge, you can free up your IT workers to focus on more critical problems.

Set clear policies for your IT support staff

Employees sometimes consume valuable support time discussing other trivial IT issues with IT support staff once their request has been answered. In doing this, IT support have less time to help resolve difficulties other employees are having.

Put up clear policies that stipulate the kind of calls your IT helpdesk staff can take and the kind of questions they should provide answers to.

Reducing the burden of simple and often wasteful help requests is the best way to keep any organization on task and ahead of the competition. We hope you have found some ideas from our suggestions that will help get your IT support team running efficiently and avoiding helpdesk overload.

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