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Numerical Tests: Why should you have one in your Recruitment?

The capability to think critically and make use of numerical reasoning skills has become much more significant in the working setup in recent years.

Since the workings are getting really complicated and tricky; it gets important that you have the right employees working your business. You cannot afford to have a person who lacks at a crucial area.

Hence, having a test in your recruitment drive that examines the numeric capabilities of people is must for your business.

What is this test all about?

 Numerical test is a test that is used to distinguish a proficient candidate in analysis and interpretation of numerical data.

There are is a huge variety of numerical tests available out there and they depend on the level of numerical reasoning needed.  The less difficult versions of the test characteristically need percentage calculation, number series, and basic arithmetic and so on.

Whereas, the more complicated versions of the tests encompass complicated data interpretations such as control charts, tabular data, graphs and the applicant has to examine through and use pertinent information for problem-solving.

Tests like Numerical ability test Make an Inquiry about this news and psychometric ones always help you in finding out if the candidate you are going to recruit has the needed skills or not. The tests assess their:

  • Skills
  • ability
  • Personality types

Numerical reasoning capability is one of the most common skill areas. It is one that is there in children even before they are taught mathematics in school.

Numerical reasoning tests that are also known as data interpretation or numerical critical reasoning tests include evaluating conditions and finding out conclusions from the data catered to assess one or several of the following:

  • Critical thinking ability
  • General or basic arithmetic operations
  • Level of concentration in solving problems
  • Capability to analyse graphs and other information
  • Level of speed in making analyses or assessments
  • Ability to perform estimates

This area is believed to be one of the most common skills required in present day data-driven marketplace, and in the absence of strong numerical reasoning skills, it would be challenging to succeed in various jobs in the present time. Various fields take benefit from this kind of testing such as most of the clerical and administrative jobs, jobs found in the technical and craft field at any degree, and even positions in military or police field.

If you are recruiting people in any of these areas, you might be looking for numerical skills in the candidates.

You know the foremost kind of numerical reasoning test encompasses basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, number sequences and basic mathematics like percentages, fractions, power and so on. Such a type of test can be considered as a speed test and is mostly there to find out your basic numeracy.

Certainly you would not be given or allowed to use any calculator.

An important pre-employment test

There are many types of pre-employment tests like aptitude test, psychometric test, logical test, reasoning test, verbal test, basic excel test and other tests. In these tests, numerical test is one of the most important one.

Numbers have a role in everything. If your employees are not friendly with numbers and their world; they might mess up the things for you.

Since that is the case more and more firms today pick pre-employment tests in their recruitment procedure. The purpose is to evaluate the candidates in a more effective and dynamic manner.

When the test would assess the skills, strengths, weaknesses and abilities of the candidates; there would be clarity about every candidate.   These tests are not made up by the recruiters rather these tests are designed by the professionals and companies or businesses only purchase them for their recruitment procedure.

Are all the candidates given the same questions?

Yes, most of the times these pre-employment tests do have the questions that are same for every candidate. There cannot be any argument later on like some of the candidates got easy questions and the other ones difficult ones.

The questions are the same for everybody and everyone goes through the same level of pressure, toughness and screening. Whoever performs well and scores good gets the place in the next level of recruitment procedure.

The point is that the test not just tests the numeric calibre of the candidates but also draw an idea about their potential and overall performance. Since there is pressure in the test, the pressure handling abilities of the candidates also get measured.

In this way, the employer gets an idea about how good a specific candidate can perform even under the pressure. Certainly the working arenas these days are no longer deprived of tension.

You would find different levels of pressures and tensions in every business role.

Time factor

Time is pressure and how you use it makes a great impact on your performance. If you have employees who are good at work but they lack efficiency; there might come times when they become a reason of your failure.

Today it is not about how good a person is, it is more about how fast and good a person is.  You would find many people who are excellent at a task but what really matters is who is the fastest among them.

These pre-employment tests hence evaluate the efficiency of the candidates too.


Thus, Numerical tests are absolutely effective and they can make a great impact on the candidates sitting in the recruitment procedure. Everybody would have to go through the test and their skills would be evaluated in the most effective manner.

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