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Best Way To Hire Full Stack Developers in 2019?

Best Way To Hire Full Stack Developers in 2019?

There will always a demand for specialized developers but having them is a problem if they are not working in silos. With full stack developers who have an overall knowledge of web design programming, they are flexible to work with.

There has been a steady rise in the demand of full-stack developers in recent years. But before we go into the details of why there has been such a demand for them and what exactly should be the criteria for hiring them lets have a brief overview of what exactly is full stack developer and what do the full stack development services entail.

Who Is Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer is able to perform multiple roles, i.e. they are efficient in developing applications fully in web, mobile, and desktop.

They also have an in-depth knowledge of front-end and back-end of web design programming as well as understanding the environment of databases, servers, MVC, API, and hosting along with other things.

What Their Job Entails?

The job of a full stack developer entails quite a few things since they are like jack-of-all-trades and master of them too. They are required to be experts in MVP hence need to know multiple programming languages, in-depth understanding of front-end and back-end of a project, architecture, database and so on.

For any software development company, they are important because they are able to see the bigger picture of a project hence full stack developers often work as project managers. They also required having an understanding of a client’s commercial requirement and ascertaining its viability.

Furthermore, full stack developers become crucial to any web development company when there is a budget constraint because they can alone handle multiple tasks. So basically a full stack developers job entails almost everything that is required for web development and designing.

How Should You Hire A Full Stack Developer?

So when you decide to hire a full stack developer for your full stack development services there are few technical skills and qualities that you should look into, they are:

  • Technical Skills

-    Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript are basic requirements

-    Need to know the back-end programming languages C#, Python, and PHP at least

-    Knowledge of database management

-    Understanding in version control

-    Know how to do deployment and accommodation

-    Experience in API/Third-party services

-    Know logic and software systems architecture

  • Qualities

-    Be curious and passionate to learn new things and features related to databases, operating systems, logic, and architecture.

-    Should be able to identify the specific causes that result in any issues even if he/she is unable to resolve it.

-    Always keep abreast of all the latest and upcoming trends and updates related to software technologies, libraries, languages, frameworks

-    Have the ability to see the whole and the bigger picture of a project when the manager or a client pitch an idea.

As a web development company when you are hiring a full stack developer apart from these above technical skills and qualities you can try to hire a genuine candidate by arranging a practical test. The reason for a practical test is that it is easy for anyone to say they have mastery in all these technical skills and have all the qualities to be a full stack developer.

But as a software development company, it is your job to ensure that what is being told is true.

So to rely on a practical test to judge the capability of a candidate but instead of putting the developer through a generic test ask them to solve a problem that is real. Put them in an environment like they will face while working for you.

This will not only enable you as an employer to judge the skills of the developer but also how they navigate a problem and resolve them.

Why Full Stack Developer Are In Demand In 2019?

The answer to the question of why the full stack developers are in demand is easy, it is because the speed at which the software technology is growing. There is always a demand for specialized developers but having them is a problem if they are not working in silos.

With full stack developers who have an overall knowledge of web design programming, they are flexible to work with. In a time where new development approaches are coming into play flexibility among the developers is the key to success and hence the time calls for full stack developers, who might not be a specialist on a specific thing but have the knowledge of everything to have a better picture.

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