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Shamit Khemka to Mentor the Digital and Technical team of Eternal Hindu Foundation

Shamit Khemka, Managing Director of SynapseIndia, has been recently chosen as the mentor for Digital & Technical team of Eternal Hindu foundation. A man of vision and exceptional talent, Mr. Shamit Khemka has been the force behind digital upliftment of various social causes. His digital expertise has transcended the revolutionizing aspects of modern-day digitalization, helping him to add another milestone to his list of achievements. Leading a tech giant since 2000, his working methods has brought comprehensive changes in the online as well as IT field.

Eternal Hindu Foundation is a social venture that works with a motto  - Hindu Resurgence. The foundation aims at working on the grounds of binding India's young generation with the eternal power of Hinduism.

The idea established by the foundation rests on creating awareness regarding the customs of Sanatan Dharma along with its scientific basis. In the light of enlightening young India, various supportive activities have been programmed, such as Shashwat Devalay, and Shashwat Bharatam.