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Shamit Khemka to Mentor the Digital and Technical team of Eternal Hindu Foundation

Shamit Khemka, Managing Director of SynapseIndia, has been recently chosen as the mentor for Digital & Technical team of Eternal Hindu foundation. A man of vision and exceptional talent, Mr. Shamit Khemka has been the force behind digital upliftment of various social causes. His digital expertise has transcended the revolutionizing aspects of modern-day digitalization, helping him to add another milestone to his list of achievements. Leading a tech giant since 2000, his working methods has brought comprehensive changes in the online as well as IT field.

Eternal Hindu Foundation is a social venture that works with a motto  - Hindu Resurgence. The foundation aims at working on the grounds of binding India's young generation with the eternal power of Hinduism.

The idea established by the foundation rests on creating awareness regarding the customs of Sanatan Dharma along with its scientific basis. In the light of enlightening young India, various supportive activities have been programmed, such as Shashwat Devalay, and Shashwat Bharatam.

A noble initiative, Shashwat Devalay is a step towards connecting, synchronizing and empowering the temples as Nodal Points (Kendras). The aim of the initiative extends to re-creating the temples from a Bhakti Kendra to various kendras, viz, Seva Kendra, Shiksha Kendra, Sansakar Kendra and Swarozgar Kendra.

"2 ghante mandir ke naam" is a significant initiative of Shashwat Devalay which will evoke the sevak inside every individual. Depending on your choice, you can choose to educate others as per your expertise.

Such a practice will uplift all those in the need and will also give you an eternal satisfaction. Structured on a daily or a weekly basis, this initiative is a good move in regard to the awareness and resurgence of Hinduism and its people.

'Shashwat Bharatam' is a collective effort by the Eternal Hindu foundation to promote the basic essence of India with respect to its economic, social, historic & political elements. Being an online platform, the initiative creates and spread awareness to support -

  • Swabhimani Bharat
  • Parakrami Bharat
  • Sanatani Bharat
  • Swawlambi Bharat

Accomplishing the motto of "Hindutva - The way of Life" via workshops and seminars isn't enough for the young Indians due to their increased interest in social media. The popularity of various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among the youth is very high.

Also, the number of influential people such as politicians, scholars, and activists on these platforms is significantly high. It is, therefore, the power of social media which will work as a boost to Indians of every age group and help them exercise the aspects of Hinduism in the right way.

Moreover, channeling via right sources of digital world and mentoring by the hands of a skilled mentor  Mr. Shamit Khemka, the guidance will be aligned in the right manner for our young generation.

The honour of becoming a mentor to such an eminent foundation was granted by the founding member. This moment hugely describes the proudness and the gravity of social responsibility which would be ideally attended by Mr.

Shamit Khemka. His prowess, powered with 24 years' experience, will help bring the right momentum to the foundation and all its initiatives. In the path of bringing a change to society, this will be a yet another step taken by him which will not just empower Hinduism but also open various ways to lead Young India on the right path.

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