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Shamit Khemka vows to maintain a healthy work environment at SynapseIndia

Shamit Khemka, the founder of SynapseIndia, has announced that he will continue to put best efforts to sustain the company's healthy work environment. The company is driven by the belief that a healthy work environment is crucial to overall development of employees and the organization.

With this ethos in mind, the management of the company decided to create a radiation-free workplace. An analysis of the official site was carried out to examine the sources that emit radiations.

Following the examination, a number of energy chips were installed to mitigate radiation as well as negative energy.
The installation had a drastic impact on the overall internal environment of the office building.

Its benefits are clearly visible in the attitude of employees, the positive environment, and a sense of dynamism among all staff members.
Shamit Khemka said the healthier work environment is central to the motivational culture at SynapseIndia. Employees desire a happy work environment - whether they are coders or senior managers, he added.

According to him, the collaboration between team members and departments is also essential to create a happy work environment.
The creation of radiation-free offices was a major part of the larger plan to offer employees a healthier workplace environment. It helped employees become more productive in their work.

The move had a significant impact on both physical and mental health of employees. They felt happier and more engaged with their job in a radiation-free environment.

Additionally, the accelerated engagement and wellness caused a trend of fewer leaves and more productivity.
Different researches have shown that negative environmental radiations are emitted by various natural and artificial sources. For instance, geopathic radiations are emitted by underground water streams and magnetic grid lines of the earth's magnetic core.

It has been found that exposure to these radiations may significantly affect health. The radiation causes far-reaching damage, impacting attitude and efficiency of employees.

SynapseIndia installed the energy chips according to the proximity radiation sources to create a protective shield.
Shamit Khemka says office amenities are very important when it comes to a healthy work culture. Infrastructure and food services have a dramatic impact on the overall office environment.

At SynapseIndia, employees are offered healthy andhygienic meals, snacks and beverages. The food services increase work output and contribute to positive work culture.
Leadership at SynapseIndia is driven by the principle that work cultures are built on trust. Employees and managers must have a bond of trust that motivates teams to be honest in their work.

SynapseIndia has a culture where job profiles are designed around projects and initiatives instead of a long list of tasks. In fact, the talent acquisition policy is focused on advancing the business mission and achieve goals.
The work culture at SynapseIndia is based on a system of shared values and beliefs. Leaders regularly communicate a set of organizational values with employees.

The management team manifests its commitment to certain actions and policies. Also, they have long-term business goals and client retention strategies.

The leadership and management styles at SynapseIndia encourage teamwork and open communication.

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