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Benefits of Hr Induction Process

A proper HR induction helps an organization in motivating the new recruit to work towards the growth of the organization; makes a new recruit aware of the responsibilities and rights in the organization.

HR department is the engine of an organization. It is the HR department which looks after a person’s abilities, qualities and qualification before hiring them for the organization. However that is only a step in the process of HR induction which has varied responsibilities in the whole procedure.

The basic purpose of the HR induction process is to bring, introduce and familiarize the new employee into the organization. The program is designed to familiarize the new recruit about the culture, standards and practices of an organization which automatically induce the new employee to provide his best in the growth of the organization.

The importance of HR induction can be measured with the fact that it lays the direction for the new recruit regarding his work and also defines his part in the company. It is quite imperative in the growth of the organization; quick learning is possible for the new recruit if the Induction process is taken properly in right manner. It is during the induction process that the new employee comes to know about the philosophy of an organization, the work environment, rights and responsibilities of the employee, culture and values which is the key in a successful business process.

A new recruit required to culturally fit into the organization. Interaction plays a role into an individual’s temperament and character for the job and motivation towards the work. It is seen that in the absence of valued induction process the new recruit often falter from the responsibilities or unable to work with his full potential. It is natural, when a new recruit joins an organization he/she is quit anxious and in anxiousness he over does to make an impression which often backfires. With a right induction process such hindrances can be overcome.

It is always beneficial to have a designed HR induction process. There are many software development firms who design and develop the induction process which makes the job easy for the HR team in organizing training for the new recruit.

Blueapple India is one of the major firms in India which has been designing and developing HR induction process for different organizations. A dedicated team of designers, developers and experts in HR induction requirement work in sync to provide some of the best solutions in the HR induction.

There are few benefits from the HR Induction process: Benefits of HR Induction


Familiarization: HR induction process relatively a smart way to introduce a new recruit into the organization. Once the new recruit gets familiarize with the work culture and environment then he can deliver to his abilities.

Rights and Responsibilities: It is always important to make a new recruit know about his rights and responsibilities towards the company or organization. You can expect the new recruit to give his best only when he is aware of his rights and responsibilities. How an organization expect a new employee to handle or control a situation when he is unaware of his responsibilities.

Awareness and Motivates: The HR induction process benefits organization as it is designed and developed in a way to make the new recruit aware of his duties and services.

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