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IT&T executives more optimistic than other sectors, survey results

Nearly 60% of Australian IT&T Executives intend to hire in 2012, naming employee retention as the number one challenge for this year. When asked to rank the key issues they expect to face in 2012, IT&T executives ranked the global economy as less important than any other sector, naming 'adapting to new technologies' as number two, followed by skills shortages and the global economy coming in fourth.

A recent survey by Launch Recruitment has concluded that despite global economic fears, IT&T executives are more concerned with employee retention and adapting to new technologies this year.

The survey returned over 4200 responses, with senior level decision makers asked to rank expected business challenges this year, including the carbon tax, the global economy and interest rates.

Participating executives across all industries ranked the global economy as third, however IT&T executives selected the global economy as 4th, naming employee retention as number one, followed by adapting the business to new technologies and skills shortages.

Rebecca Wallace, Managing Director of Launch Recruitment said the results indicated even more optimism among IT&T executives than other sectors, with intentions to continue hiring and investing in technology remaining at the forefront of business strategies.

“The uptake of Cloud computing and projects like Smart Metering and the National Broadband Network are driving demand for skilled technical talent, so IT&T executives are correct in their concerns for employee retention and skills shortages,” said Rebecca Wallace.

Nearly 60% of participating IT&T executives said they plan to increase headcount in 2012, which was significantly more aggressive than the across industry average of 49%.

“The survey results also found a surprising 70% of employees are actively seeking or open to new opportunities this year, confirming executive’s concerns for a spike in staff turnover,” said Ms Wallace.

While economists report a challenging year ahead for some sectors, last month Deloitte Access Economics released expectations for Australia’s economy to accelerate, adding further confidence to executive’s outlooks for 2012.

The Launch Recruitment survey was conducted over December 2011 and January 2012, with 27% of participants identifying themselves as senior level decision makers.