Shamit Khemka encourages women to channelize their power & talent to change the world

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Shamit Khemka, founder of SynapseIndia, has taken the opportunity to motivate women professionals. He believes that empowered women can become leaders of social change and professional excellence. Women have played a central role in the development of society and nations. More efforts are required to further push the trend of social stability, progress, and long-term development.

How Restore on Reboot Technology Maximizes System Availability for Public Libraries


The Restore on Reboot technology secures the admin-defined state of each computer, thereby, preventing user-induced changes from affecting it. On device restart, the technology discards user inputs and reloads the desired configuration, ensuring total protection and maximum availability for public library workstations.

Endpoint management capabilities of Reboot to Restore technology

Reboot to Restore is a quick and easy means of system restoration. However, its scope is not confined to merely preserving the preferred system state and restoring it on reboot. A solution built on this technology incorporate additional capabilities that make it equally relevant for endpoint management.

How to find and hire the best designer

Finding and hiring a designer is tough. These are few tips and advice to follow while hiring an app developer. Knowing these things will help you take precautionary measures to avoid regrets at the end of the day.

Singles source cloud deal suffers industry storm

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A controversial backflip by the U.S military on a US$1.6 billion cloud contract has rattled VMware and proved the power of group industry protest. In February a cabal of rival cloud solution providers including Amazon Web Services, Citrix and Nutanix mounted a protest against the U.S Department of Defense’s (DoD) proposed contract with VMware.